Saturday, October 21, 2006


Well, I know it been forever and then some since we've posted. Life has been, well, LIFE! We've been to Peru, survived the grand opening of the Friendship House (praise God!), Lee's job is hectic, traveled immensely and just plain been busy....excuses, excuses...I know.

Although crazy, life is good for us. The Friendship House is our biggest focus right now. Steph continually has 25 to 30 kids come to the house on a weekly basis. Big kids two days a week. Not as big kids two other days of the week. Friday...that is the sacred Sabbath in the Friendship House world as Steph gets to rest some. Last night Steph hosted a girl’s night out in which about 10 ladies from the neighborhood came and fellowshipped and got to know one another better. That is what it is all about! They also had the world-famous Mary Kay Director, Patti Grigg (aka Nana), come and organize the pampering. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, the Friendship House is all about relationships. Connections in which the love of our Lord can be shared. That's certainly what we shoot for around here!

Additionally, Lee and a group of guys have about 4 service projects lined up throughout the neighborhood. Everything from trimming trees to painting and remodeling, we are going to be kept busy trying to meet the physical needs that are here in the neighborhood. What a challenge and what a blessing! Keep us in your prayers as God works through the efforts of all involved here in the Friendship House!


We found out this week that the hole in Sofia's heart has closed significantly. Our fabulous doctor and friend, Mindee Flippen MD, is amazing and has blessed us immensely. The world needs more doctors like her! She is in Lubbock if anyone needs one!!! Mindee told us that we could take her off of the medicine she's been taking and that we didn't have to come back for a year. She also said that nothing would have to be done to fix the hole as, in her words, "this things going to close on its own." After looking at Sofia, Dr. Mindee spent a ton of time taking a look at our unborn baby's heart to see if we could see any issues. PRAISE THE LORD FOR ALL AS NOTHING WAS APPERANT THERE EITHER! God has blessed us so much with this news. After learning that Sofia's heart had healed she said, "Looks like someone has been praying for this child." THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DID. WITH TEARS I SAY THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

How about some random pictures?!

Una cruz outside of Lima on the mountain "El Mirador"

Some of the Friendship House Gang!

Sofia on a hot West Texas day!

The other man! (Other than Papa, of course!)

What a cutie!

The two coolest dudes to ever visit Peru!

Frienship House fun...

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Wes said...

We are so excited to hear about Sofia! Can't really put into words how good that makes me feel.

I don't think I ever sent you this video.

Can't wait to see ya'll again!