Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A First!!

Well, this is a tough one. I jumped out there in an effort to bond with
my son. We, or should I say "I", shaved our heads! It was my son's
first haircut and, if you ask me, he looks like a mixture of Teddy Savalas
and Rocky...very tough, very rugged and certainly manly. It seems,
however, that mom doesn't see eye-to-eye with me on this one. She
stepped out of the house tonight and I made a command decision to give
my son a buzz. Even though I like his new look and am convinced he does
as well, I may have to chalk this one up as a mistake. My sweet wife
wants me to make sure you all know that she cried when she first saw
him. She says she was sad as this was a sentimental moment (I do need
to mention that I did make sure I saved the hair!). I think she was
just stunned by his chiseled jawline, broad shoulders and his new "look." Boy, I love being a DAD!!!!!

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Stacy said...

Seriously can't stop laughing over this one!

Anonymous said...

Lee, that is so wrong!

wes said...

Ha. Something is seriously wrong with you.

Hannah said...

That video is hilarious! I can't wait to see a bald Maddox!