Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On the road....

1111Our family spent this past week on the road traveling from Abilene to Gladewater (far east Texas) to Dallas then Fort Worth then back to Dallas and finally returning to Abilene this past Sunday. All in all we spent 6 days away from home being blessed by the generosity of numerous brothers and sisters in the Lord! We set out to spend some time with Steph's grandparents, be a part of our team retreat, visit a number of great friends and talk with some fantastic churches and individuals. I have to say that I doubt the week could have gone any better. We were shown some amazing hospitality and got to spend a good chunk of time with our teammates (these are very important times for us as all of our families are spread out now).

Additionally, Stephanie and I were tremendously encouraged getting to visit with quite a few churches and individuals about funding for the Peruvian work. I cannot tell you how amazed I was, and still am, at the brothers and sisters we were blessed to meet. There are amazing people serving God in all corners of the earth. Friend, I'll tell you that we were blessed to meet many of them this past week. So many seemed genuinely excited about this ministry and were incredibly encouraging to us. Specifically, our friends at the Preston Road, Lilly's Chapel and Quiteman Avenue Churches of Christ were simply amazing. Their willingness to hear our dreams and even dream with us came at just the right time. Praise God for these bodies of believers...

On another note, we tried to make the best of our time on the road. Sofia and Maddox were absolute gems! They are great travelers already...even at the rip old age of 3 and 1 year old!!!! Here are some pics of our time in transit.

Lee got tired so Maddox decided to drive for a spell while Sofia navigated. If you'll look very closely you'll see us old folks sleeping in the car-seats in the back.

This is Sofia at Sonic during Happy Hour. Appears to me she is a little "under the influence."

What a team they make...

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Grigg Mama said...

this is hilarious! how appropriate for sofia to drive her brother to sonic!