Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of Orientation

Today we had our day of orientation. We learned about slowing down to learn, where everyone was from, life with your maid (I know that sounds weird but that was actually the title for that session) and lastly we had our interviews.

All of our team mates had a designated time to go and have our individual interviews. The interviews were set for 15 minutes and everyone took about 10-12 minutes. As I got ready to interview, Lee made sure the kids were being watched and I was ready. I walked into my interview and as the man spoke Spanish to me I just stared in disbelief. I sat there and thought to myself "what in the world is he saying?" I understood one question and that was "where do I live?" I was able to answer with "San Jose, Costa Rica!" He looked at me with a pitiful grin and he just said (in English) "I hope you enjoy school, Gracias" and my whole 3 minute interview was done. Needless to say my first day of orientation was slightly bitter sweet.
I'm eager to learn so surely that's got to be worth something.

Lee's interview seemed to take an hour (not really) and they enjoyed a fruitful conversation about the differences of the Spanish language (all in Spanish by the way.) Even though I'm a little envious, I feel blessed to have him by my side during this journey.

Sofia loved her first day or "real" school and had a blast playing outside.
Maddox on the other hand cried most of the morning but we are praying that he starts to love his sweet Tico teachers. Oh and they are calling him "Maddox" now. If you don't understand you can read my last post. Until next time


Kathleen said...

You are a natural blogger! I love reading about everything that is going on. I know you will be great at Spanish. Lots of love and prayers, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Stephanie.. I had a very similar experience with my piano stuff in college... couldn't even read bass clef... I am sure you will be great! (and remember what Sue Sue says "God takes care of idiots!" umm.. not that you are an idiot, but you know what I mean!)


Brenham said...

Okay, blogging and i are not doing all that great so far...think I have managed to wipe out the first message that I tried to send to you. Anyway, this will be either my first or second message...language is a challenge but I know that you have the skills to learn Spanish and it sounds so much more useful (overall) that the Swahili or Kimeru that I learned years ago!

I am enjoying the blog - and will continue to lift you all up in prayer!

Shelly (Brenham church)