Friday, December 19, 2008

Family Update

First of all, let me start by saying "Thank you" for ALL of your prayers and kind words. It has been a rough few days physically and emotionally but we are resting with our families in Brenham and then San Antonio later on this week.
It's hard for me to wake up in the middle of the night and in the mornings and realize that all of this isn't a dream. I don't really have anything insightful or deep to say tonight but I wanted everyone to know where we are and how we are doing.
The kids are having a little harder time with the transition from Costa Rica to the US than we expected but I know that "that also shall pass." My sweet Sofia has an unbelievable intuition. Even though we didn't tell her we were going to Abilene or that we were even pregnant, I truly believe she knew something wasn't quite right with Mommy and Daddy. Maddox has been extremely clingy and Sofia just doesn't "want or like" to sleep anymore.
We have quite a few more transitions in the next couple of weeks and the next few months. Please keep our family in your prayers. Here are some requests we would love prayers for:
  • Healing physically and emotionally for our losses
  • Peace and hope for our future of more children
  • The upcoming transition to Abilene and then to Lima, Peru in March
  • Wisdom of how to help Sofia and Maddox through these transitions
  • Patience as parents while were all a little stressed out
  • A deeper relationship with God
  • Preparing the hearts of the Peruvians and continued work that is going on there
  • For our team as we are all separated right now and transitioning
  • For our friends we made at language school and continued growth in those relationships
Thank you again for your continued prayers.


Anonymous said...

Peace to all. Have a wonderful holiday with your families. Hope see you before you fo to Peru--and hug your sweet necks to share some love. Grief brings pain--but it also brings a new wonder for life.
Aunt Penny

Justin said...

come back! actually, we know you need to be there. we will definitely be praying for sofia and maddox. thanks for the prayer list. love you guys.

Cathie said...

thanks for letting us hear from you. the list is great to use as prayer requests. we will be waiting in abilene.

Vanessa said...

Hugs from us......we will use the list to lift you and your family up in prayer....xoxo

Curtis said...

Thanks for the update. We miss you like crazy. We'll keep praying--thanks for the specific requests.
Tricia, Curt and Lucas

Cheryl Goode said...

My name is Cheryl Goode. I'm from Victoria, a friend of Stacy's parents and have know her since her first breath of life.

I have been holding you in my heart since the first word of your additional loss, and I have been in prayer for you. I have also had many times in my own life when I wondered "what happened?" because my prayers were so heartfelt and selfless, yet it seemed they "didn't work". But, as I have continued to seek a closer walk with God, as I study more, and as the Holy Spirit shows me new things in the scriptures, I am beginning to have a better understanding. This small post will not allow me to say all that God has put on my heart. Just please know that God DOES care (even though He chose not to intervene)...He DOES love you and He hurts with you. There is a raging battle in "heavenly places" that we are little aware of....but our God is in the thick of WAR... And He IS moving things in such a way that HE Is Being Glorified. Even going to the cross, Jesus' main interest was that GOD WOULD BE GLORIFIED...and After that, his concern was that man would be forgiven.... for Glorifying God, blesses man.
We all have to lay it ALL down, and let God be God and do what HE wants with us, even if it bring suffering. Our total submission to God brings Great Glory to Him....and that is something that Satan desperately seeks to stop. When we humans suffer, it's hard to agree with that, as our view is so worldly (limited) and too often all about US. What I do know is that no matter what you are going through and no matter what you will deal with in the future, if you continue to Blindly Trust in God (that's Faith), no matter what it looks like, you will one day see, and even AGREE, that He was right. From here, you cannot see the Glory that your little one brought to our Great & Holy God, but I know it was greater than our 4th of July! You WILL be rewarded !! (and reunited!)

I saw a sign once that read:
The definition for "God's Will" is:
What you would have wanted if you had known ALL the facts.

Blindly Trust Him with All your heart.....complete understanding will come later. He is Worthy of your Trust. He will NOT Disappoint. May He be Glorified in Your Life today and every day.

Cheryl Goode

I have a wonderful article on "Woundedness" I will try to get to you through Stacy as I do not have your email address.
May you feel God's loving arms around you for comfort, and may God speak to you in dreams that bring you peace.

Summer said...

We are continuing to lift you up in prayer, and looking forward to getting some quality time with you in the next few months. I am here to do anything you need. . .take care of kids, help move in, cook dinner, talk or not talk. We love you guys so much. Looking forward to talking in person.

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for peace and healing (both physical and emotional). Praying for you daily,. God bless,
Kathy Carson