Sunday, February 08, 2009

Prayers for Sofia and of Course Mommy and Daddy

Well here we are in Lubbock America in a hotel trying to calm our minds before the morning. Sofia will be having her heart cath in the morning to repair her hole in her heart (ASD.) We will be getting up at 5:30 and her procedure should be around 10 or 11am.

All of our parents are here, lee's sister and our friends Ryan and Holly (and their son Boone who is Sofia's Boyfriend and according to her, soon-to-be husband.) We also have the privileged of knowing Sofia's pediatric cardiologist who will be assisting the doctor and she will be covering her in prayer during her procedure. We have known this precious women since I was in high-school and met her in St.Louis when she visited the church I was attending. I fell in love with her kids and babysat them and also spent my last semester of my high school senior year doing an internship at the hospital with her (just happened to be her pediatric cardiology fellowship, wow.) Now 15 years later she will be blessing my daughter with her hands and her constant prayer during the procedure. One more awesome thing is that our dear friends Bob and Allison Booth who have watched Sofia since she was a baby are now here in Lubbock for Bob to be in med school. He will also be in the procedure, probably getting Sofia to laugh! Having both of them in there gives Lee and I so much comfort.

What a blessing to have all these wonderful people around us. We have been blessed in tremendous ways and have so many friends, family and complete strangers covering Sofia in prayer.

Today was also Levi's due date. It was hard for my mind to be going back and forth between Sofia's situation and my yearning for Levi. I miss him so much. I got an email from a good friend tonight that went to a lament service at our church tonight (we were in Lubbock or we would have gone) and her words touched my heart. She said "I thought about how you have the bittersweet privilege of being the one-and-only human being to have physically held the spirit of Levi Fletcher." How cool is that? Even though I long to hold him, it certainly gave me a sweet thought. Thanks Jana.

Please keep us in your prayers, specifically:
Peace for Sofia and to have no fear
For all the doctors and nurses to have guided hands confident minds
For us to trust completely no matter the outcome
For our emotions since they are on high alert right now

I'm sure we need to ask for a lot more but I can't think of anything else right now.
Well update as soon as we can


emily anna said...

We will be praying. Waiting for news! Claire has been praying for her sweet friend every night. We love you guys.

emily anna said...
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