Monday, April 06, 2009

Maddox "Mad dog" Fletcher

ESPN announces, today April 7, 2009, the National League Player of the Year.

The NY Yankees' catcher posted a .364 batting average with 19 doubles, a league high, and 11 HRs. Mad dog also leads the league in hit-by-pitches and on base percentage, something he attributes to his "dog pound" style of play. When interviewed, Mad dog stated, "I owe a debt of gratitude to God for having blessed me with a quick hand and great hand-eye coordination; and, I owe my catching skills to my dad, Lee "long-legged" Fletcher. He taught me everything I know."

Obviously, modesty doesn't run deep with Mad dog Fletcher but, let's call it what it is, MD Fletcher is quite possibly the best hitting-catching to hit the majors since Johnny Bench. What a compliment to pay one of MLB's shortest players. We now turn to our specially scheduled broadcast, live from Fletcher Field in Abilene, TX....

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