Friday, November 27, 2009

Pictures From My Walk

The park across the street from our house, it's so tranquil

Just a few minutes ago I decided to take a walk down our street and thought I would share a little of what we see when we go out. This is only a couple of pictures but I just thought they were fun. Also I will include a picture of the turkey that my teammate Alison sent me. This is the pre-cooked turkey, YIKES! Justin had his hands full when he chose to take on the turkey this year.

Oh and I've also included the picture of our new car! I know it says "taxi" on the top but we bought it "as is." It's a little small but all three kids can squeeze in the back seat (no car seats of course) and we figured we would upgrade when they became teenagers. Not bad ugh?

Just joking, these little taxis are called "ticos" and I laugh every time I see one. The picture doesn't do it justice for how small it actually is but lets just say that Liam and I in the back seat is PLENTY!
The next picture is actually our new minivan. We can't drive it for another 7 days because of how slow all the paper work is to get the license plates but none the less we are grateful we found a great car, for a great price and that fits in our little garage. Enjoy the pics!

The flowers are beautiful here because it's spring time and going into summer here

The little night-watch stand where Maddox runs to every night to see his friend-the guard

Yes, we live on Guadalajara street

This is the little ice cream guy that goes around every 10 minutes and blows out a kazoo

Our Street and Our Door is the Peach One

Tico car- The Fletcher Family Car

Just kidding this is our new minivan! Never thought I would be so excited about a van.

Well here is our turkey in all it's glory! So glad I didn't see this before I had to eat it.


Alison said...

pretty sure that beady eye on the turkey is going to haunt me...

Jenny Wilkinson said...

I may never eat turkey again. Love the van. Welcome to the club.

Anonymous said...

1. Ditto on the turkey. Never again. Still gagging just thinking about that picture.

2. Yay for the mini van.

3. Love the conversation with Lee and Sofia about only obeying on holidays. That girl makes me laugh!

4. Missing you guys but so thankful for your work in Peru! Let's skype again soon...


Vanessa said...

That turkey is about the grossest thing e.v.e.r!!!
The climate looks great and I love the new minivan!
Hope yall are having a great day!!! Xoxo