Monday, November 30, 2009

Prayer Request

We are so blessed to have a very devoted prayer team back home that we send specific request to. In the last couple of days Lee and I have felt an overwhelming urgency to work on Sofia's schooling and with this process, need your prayers.
Sofia has been attending a small school that meets in different homes here in Lima and it has been rather difficult. Maddox attends also but I think Maddox would be happy if we sent him to an igloo for a day. Sofia has been a different story.

We truly believe that there has been so much thrown at her this last year and a half and it is catching up. She does not ever want to leave our house. She is perfectly content to stay here all day as long as Lee or I are nearby. She has never been this much of a home-body and definitely has never thrown fits like this about going places, school etc... Just before we moved she had a hard time with the daycare in Abilene but I never thought anything of it. Now when we drop her off it's a full out fit and the first day she almost threw up. I left crying and wondered what in the world I was doing to my child.

Lee and I have been working hard yesterday and today researching schools, calling for appointments, asking Sofia what her "perfect school" would look like and needless to say it has been an emotional time for me. Oh and by the way he perfect school speaks English and is for all girls (I thought that was funny.)

We want so bad for her to have a great education, for her to fully learn the language and for her to enjoy school but this is proving to be difficult. If it's a great school that is bilingual and close by then it's around $17,000 (I might as well send her to ACU for that.) If it's close by and cheaper then it's probably all in Spanish. We have raised some money for our kids education but no where near what some of these schools require. Lee has a much better attitude about all of this than I do but there are just so many factors. If it was the perfect school it would be:
Close by
Bilingual with a strong emphasis in teaching Spanish
Has a lot of Peruvians
Is within our budget

So I guess this is our prayer request. We knew coming here this was going to be a difficult decision but I don't think we knew how difficult.
Please pray for her transitioning and that she doesn't feel lonely. Pray for wisdom for Lee and I in how to handle her feelings and her unspoken thoughts. Also for wisdom to know when to put her into school. She will be 5 in March, which is when the year starts here so we could do another year of pre-k or go right into Kindergarten. Pray for God to bring her some friends fast and for her to feel secure in what are doing and where we are.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We covet them.


Nana said...

You have our prayers DAILY!! I know God will lead you to the right place. I can truly understand your concern! Been there! You are doing the right thing by checking out all of your options. LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!

Holly said...

Praying!!!! I know that is so hard! I agree that researching and praying over each option is the only way! Don't rush, you have time to let God lead you. Isn't it weird how we're going through so many similar things still, even though now we're continents apart?

Anonymous said...

This post broke my heart. Sofia and Ava have such similar personalities and I know Ava would be struggling with the same things if we were to move to a foreign country. The language barrier has got to be the hardest part! We are praying for Sofia, for the friends she will make there, for her school and teachers and for wisdom and peace for you. Love you guys!


julie said...

Stephanie, I trust your mothering heart and I just want to say to trust that you know what is best for Sofia and go with your gut. She will guide you. She is smart and funny and sensitive...she is feeling all that is going on around her and that is not a bad thing...she just needs to be able to process it all....I know that you can walk beside her while she does just that. Don't let others tell you what you should do. I have been there as a mom and I always regretted going with the popular opinion and not my instinct.
Love you and miss you.

Vanessa said...

You know we are praying for you every day! We will add these specific requests to our list!!!
J mentioned skype. I have it on my computer...have used it twice with my dad!!! I may need tutoring on it!
Loved your tree pics.....I hope you are feeling big HUGS from us! I can't even imagine the sadness!
We love you!!!!!
Ps......who knew Little Caesars was international ?????!!!!!

The Dixons said...

Read your post and felt like I wrote it! :) There are so many tough decisions we have to make, huh? We just decided on a school for Olivia's Kindergarten starting in Feb. (This will be her 6th school and/or daycare and she's only 5!) It wasn't easy. I agree with the advice to trust your heart and gut. God will guide you. There's probably some cute little school you haven't heard of yet, hiding out nearby. . .Praying for you! Also, praying against mommy-guilt for you!! God loves Sofia more than you do and he WILL provide!
Tracey Dixon :)