Thursday, November 05, 2009

Prayers For Our Goodbyes

I woke up this morning and had the strong sense I needed to ask for prayers. It's been an emotional week and it's not going to get any better until Tuesday when we finally board that plane.

Sunday was an excruciating day as we had to say goodbye to our church (Highland), our dear friends and our home (not in the literal sense) for the last 12 years. Tears streamed down my face for the 3 hour trip to Temple as we then had to meet a dear friend of ours, Emily and a precious family, the Davis's to say goodbye. Let's just say that by the time we reached my parents house in San Antonio about 10:30 that night, we were SPENT!

The last few days we've been spending some good time with my grandma, my brother and his wife, my nephews and my parents. Then last night the Crossing Church had a sweet send-off and I had to say goodbye to my grandma and my brother and his family. Not FUN!
Yesterday was one of the toughest days for me because Sofia finally had her "moment." For our friends who have been experiencing Sofia's cold shoulder the last few days, she finally was able to admit she was sad and cried for about 15 minutes. I will spare you the details but both of us (and my mom) sat and cried together and were able to talk about how she felt. It was hard for me (and later for Lee) to hear but I also know it was good for her to be able to express her feelings.

That being said, I would appreciate as many prayers as yall can give right now. Mainly for Sofia to be able to express herself in a healthy way when she is sad and for Lee and I to not feel guilt about having to put her through this. We know our kids will have an experience in Peru beyond what we can imagine but this goodbye process is just a hard part of the journey.

Lastly, I would ask for prayers for Lee and I and our families, as we say goodbye to our parents (I will be leaving mine today) and all of our extended family in the next few days. This will not be a fun few days for us or our kids. May God give us strength and peace for our journey.


Jody said...

Happy Early Birthday Steph. Since I never get the date right,ha, this time I am getting it right and a day early. I hate reading how painful your goodbyes are. It makes me sad just reading about it. Sofia will be fine. Kids bounce back so well and with all that's ahead, she will soon be back to herself. Making new friends and dancing for us on your blog! Where do you leave from? Will you see Lee's family too? God has been preparing all of your hearts in so many ways. Embrace all of it and know that it's in God's plan and you are in HIS Arm's. Love you!

JHW said...

Happy early birthday too Stephanie! So sorry these past few months up to the present continue to be such a stretching and struggling time.....Keep taking deep breaths and keep reminding yourself that you are about your Father's business and following His will....He has gotcha in His hand and is not letting go. Praying for you all, Love & Hugs, Hope

Alison said...

i will be praying. even though we are excited for you to come, i know it must be hard having been in one spot for nearly a year again only to leave once more. we love you. thanks for posting this...did you get my message the other day?

Shannon Morgan said...

Stephanie, your family was on my mind all morning and I began to pray for you before I even got to read this today. I imagine God's is moving in the hearts of many of your friends and his Spirit is interceding "with sighs too deep for words." We love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Steph you are one of the strongest women I know and one of the strongest women I have grown to know, I have known you since we were 15yrs old!!! The Fletchers are about to write the next chapter in their adventurous life! I am so sad that I can not be with you the next few days. I pray that when Sofia is 15 she will be able to share her adventures and love of the Lord (just don't let her skip out on sunday morn class and go to Bread Co. LOL!). Your next 'step' will be one that the Fletchers will forever remember. The Lord provides in so many ways;)

love you--Sara

Ann Reese said...

Just reading makes my heart hurt and makes me want to take a nap all at the same time. :) Takes me right back to two months ago when we were in your shoes and you have written it out all so clearly....."spent". I'll be praying extra hard for Sofia as Brynn is struggling with much the same things/feelings/communication. Our kids won't hate us right? :) God bless you with peace, energy, and much much strength for the long few days ahead. You guys are covered in prayer and I look forward to reading the post that says "In Lima At Last"! God bless all of you in a very special and mighty way today and in the days to come. Miss you and love you lots!

Lauren said...

The Cunninghams will be praying for you guys! God is going to get you through precious, Steph. Love you guys! And when you finally have a moment to breathe in Lima, will you email me your address? There is absolutely no hurry. My email address is May the Lord give you supernatural courage as you step out in stubborn faith into this new adventure! Bless you!

Vanessa said...

We have been praying for ALL of you!! I know you have been rushing all over TX in preparation for the next phase in your life & we were so thankful we got to spend a few hours with you, Lee, and Liam. I hope that you had some time to just b.r.e.a.t.h.e!! I know that Sofia is having a hard time, just like you are, but God will comfort her little heart and bring her new friends, too!

It was hard leaving you guys the other night....the part that made it better was us believing that we will see you in PERU this summer! We are soooooo excited about it.
The Peruvian cross is in the living room, your picture is on the fridge.......we told the kids that every time they see it to say a prayer for all of you.....please know that we will, too.

Happy late birthday sweet girl! Someday I will be as brave as you are. HUGS!!!!!!
Love you!!!!

amybdot said...

I just love you, Steph! Amy Batch

Anonymous said...

We miss our sweet neighbors already but are praying for you guys. Hug those kiddos for me, and know that we're all supporting you. Lots of love.

hannah said...

I'm praying for your family too as you all make this huge transition. No doubt God will make this a fruitful journey and I'll pray He send alot of love back to you as you're adjusting in Peru. Hope your sweet kids settle in soon! Love you! Hannah (Stevens) Borgmeyer