Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Maddox's First Day of School

Yesterday Maddox had his first day of school!  He was unbelievable.  I took him to go get a special breakfast before school started and Dunkin Donuts wasn't open when they were suppose to so we went to a little bakery.  He kept on wanting to leave because he didn't want to be late for his first day.  
When we got to the school he ran inside, threw off his backpack and started playing.  I couldn't believe it.  It made my heart just jump out of my chest that he felt so comfortable there.  The teachers hugged and kissed on him then started to ask him a bunch of questions in Spanish (which I have recorded but can't download tonight.)  He just answered them in Spanish and moved on.  I thought to myself  "well I guess this is going to be my new normal, my kids talking to others in Spanish," so weird and cool.  
I kissed him and said bye and turned and left.  When I got to the door, all of the sudden I heard him yell so loud from his class "LOVE YOU MOM, BYE, DON'T FORGET ME!"  Everyone started laughing in the lobby.  
Well I didn't forget him but....  Around 12 I got a call from the school that Maddox was still there.  I was so confused because he wasn't suppose to get out until 12:30.  The sweet teacher informed me that this whole week they get out at 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I almost died.  I started crying and in my flip flops RAN to the school (Lee had the car) and got there in 6 minutes flat.  He was the only kid just playing with his teacher on the playground.  He saw me and said "hi mom, I was a sweet boy to my teachers and I obeyed!"  I could have melted.  He didn't even know he had been forgotten (well not really.)  I just kept thinking "he was the one kid that actually asked his mom not to forget him and she is an HOUR late."  Oh well, he still loved me and the teacher said they had fun. Obviously he did too because he thanked her over and over for coming over and playing with him and then kissed her and the helper and we walked home.  

He is so BIG.  I just love him to death and can't believe he's already 3.  Can't wait till I can post more pictures and the video of him going into school. 



Nana said...

What a precious boy! Love and miss you soooo much. BUT, I'm so proud of ALL of you! HUGS and KISSES

Vanessa said...

Awwww! So cute!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness I've been so behind!! I'm caught up now and now have it subscribed to on my new email. I loved seeing the videos and the pictures. I can't wait to get there!!! I am dying to get my hands on Liam! Maddox is getting so big and I love seeing his personality. I can't wait to get him and the boys back together. Sofia looks beautiful!! They are coming Friday to do the floors in the office so hopefully Ryan will get us back on Skype. We'll call this weekend. Miss you guys sooooo much!!!! Give the kids a hug and a kiss from us. Luvs

Jody said...

Oh steph, i wanted to cry reading your blog. my heart broke at Maddox and his comments but then you didn't mean to be late......my heart started racing! been there. the kids look amazing and I am so glad all is well. take care and love reading about your day to days in Peru. love jody