Thursday, May 20, 2010

Holly and Mama Joy's Visit

Last week Holly and her mom came on a "mothers day trip" to visit us here in Lima. We had an absolute blast and I'm pretty sure we packed in 3 weeks worth of stuff in 5 days. It was so fun having them here. I think watching Holly and Joyce just soak up everything and be SO adventurous was the best part.

Holly and I have been friends for awhile and I thought I knew almost everything about her until she came here to Lima and blew me away. She and Joyce were up for absolutely anything-trying new foods, going to some tough areas of town (don't worry Ryan she was safe :) and even went as far as getting their haircuts here.

One of the funnest things we did was go and visit the little boy that Holly and her family sponsor through World Vision. It was out pretty far and we had no idea what we were getting into but we just went along for the adventure. It was WAY better than what we had anticipated and got to meet him, his sister and their grandma. If anyone has ever thought about sponsoring a child through World Vision, I am a BIG fan now. We can facilitate in helping you meet your kid if you want to sponsor one right here in Lima! You just have to sponsor one, choose one from Lima and then come visit us. Easy :)

Well like I mentioned in a previous post, I will be having them post "guest posts" in the coming week, so you are able to read about their experiences through their eyes. I'm still waiting on a couple of the posts and will put them on here at the same time.

Thank you Holly and Mama Joy for experiencing Lima and our lives for a few days. It meant more to us than you will know that you took the time to come here. Thank you Mama Joy for bringing Holly and making in this your "mothers day trip." Thank you for bringing us two huge suitcases of goodies and coming with a gimp leg and a gimp hand :)

Holly- I didn't think you could get any better but my love, appreciation and respect for you grew even more. God had such a neat plan when He brought the two of us together. I miss you more than anything! Thanks for lovin on the kids, being so willing to want to see everything I do and being so excited about it all. I feel renewed after you being here. Love ya

Here are a few pictures of their trip:

Holly and her sponsored child from World Vision and his sisterOh yeah, we even had our EverFIT class for old time sake
Holly's very own coffee shop right here in Lima
Holly and I doing what we do best-eating


Holly said...

girl, why you gotta make me sit at my computer and cry? what in the world would i do without you? i can't tell you how special it was for me to get to experience your world right now!! i already miss all my fletcher family tons!!! love you! holly

Ann said...

Looks like yall had such a wonderful time! Friends are the best!