Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peruvian Missions Retreat

A few weeks ago we had a retreat with two other missionary teams here in Peru. One of the teams was from Cusco and the other from Arequipa. Steve Allison flew in and took us through some stress management techniques which was wonderful and the rest of the time we spent getting to know one another, worshiping and just having fun. We brought in people to watch ALL the kids (in total I think we had 17 kids) and they all had a blast as well.

It was really refreshing to meet with the rest of the teams and hear their stories. We all got to Peru in completely different ways and it was really awesome to see how God has been weaving His story through all of us. We all shared some of the same "culture shock" experiences, we all have dealt with some type of stress on the field, we all have craved something from home whether it be Dr.Pepper or crushed ice and we all get the humbling experience to share Christ daily with Peruvians.

The last night we were there we decided to all do Karaoke together. It was an absolute blast. We made a fool of ourselves but it was fun and it couldn't have been any worse than all the others that were singing (just being honest here and I'm SURE Megan will comment on this one :)
Pretty sure Megan took it home with Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On!" She was the BOMB. I've included lots of pictures of Karaoke night just so you can visualize at least part of it. Sorry no vocals this time :)

Megan hitting the HIGH note
The guys with their pants hiked up dancing to Lee's song
Did I mention how funny they were?
Lee was REALLY into the song...
Don't ask me what in the world I was doing but I just HAD to sing to the Bangles
Stacy sang a great country classic except the Spanish version barely had instruments :)
John Mark and Mark sang a song from Grease... don't ask
Alison getting sassy
Rachel singing away
Mark singing his part to "Summer Days" from Grease


Alison said...

those pictures pretty much just cracked me up. hah!

Megan said...

I am in the area between my two daughters' rooms trying not to laugh out loud at these memories. For the record, it was "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney, and it made me so proud the next morning when Steve Allison asked, "Who sang Whitney Houston? I could hear it all the way in my room?" (whoops.) We totally had a blast with that didn't we? I can't wait for PMS 2011!

Stacy said...

And mine wasn't a country was Bon Jovi's Blaze of Glory! Minus the electric guitar and drums it was incredibly boring. BUT that was a lot of fun and a great memory with all you guys!