Saturday, July 17, 2010


His eye is swollen shut and is squirting out nasty gunk every few minutes and he still has a sweet disposition, what a sweet boy
He's probably saying "ummm, what? Your taking a picture of me looking like this?! Come on mom!"

Well we think Liam has a bad case of conjunctivitis. Weve called the doctor twice and he doesn't seem to think it's a big deal (though he hasn't actually "seen" him.) We started giving him drops last night as well as the other two remedies that multiple Peruvians, including our doctor, told us to do- rub chamomile tea bags on his eyes and put a little bit of my breast milk in a dropper and put it in his eye, SERIOUSLY?!? Well you know me, I've tried both and it's not any better.

We'll probably take him in today sometime. I told my parents I would post a picture of his eye for them to see but if anyone else sees this and has any good suggestions, I would love it. Oh and on top of this all this poor kid has a green snotty nose and a terrible wheezing cough. Poor kid.


pribish4 said...

Girl you know I never post comments but I just had to let you know that Jude had this same thing a couple months ago. It was a respiratory/sinus infection and they put him on 20 DAYS of antibiotics! What?! I called from the pharmacy to see if it was a mistake and they said once it makes its way into the eyes it's gotten pretty bad. They said since the sinuses are so close to the brain they like to get those infections treated right the first time (yikes!). Anyway, it may be nothing but just thought I'd make you paranoid. Love you!

Dan and Jenna Kryder said...

I'm sure you've tried this, but clean his lids with baby shampoo on a towel. Be sure to use a different part of the towel for each eye if you clean both. They also sell little packets with lid scrub pads in it at Walgreens- not sure if you can find them there...Sometimes, if it's viral, even artificial tears (if either you or lee wear contacts, the wetting drops) can help. I still have 2 more years of optometry school, though, so what do I know yet ? :)

The Watsons said...

POOR GUY! That looks pitiful. Hope it is better in no time! Good luck! :)