Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maddox News

Here are some great pics of Maddox I thought I would share!

Maddox got a rope from his Soso (my dad) and he was SO excited! That was all he asked for from the US. He is EASY
Look at the excitement on his face!
Then a couple of hours later this is what I walked into during nap time

At least I didn't have to worry about him going anywhere during his nap :)
His first playdate with his friend from school who we found out lives 7 houses down-Bruno
They are two peas in a pod-minus the culture and language differences
Tio (means uncle in Spanish) Mark took Maddox to "Tio Day" at school. They had so much fun and Maddox was beside himself that he got to take Tio Mark! Thanks Mark for filling in for all the aunts and uncles that don't get to be here, your the best!
Maddox takes karate, Soccer and Gymnastics at school and this is the end of the semester show for Karate.
I know I'm bias but he was a pretty good little kicker and puncher

Check out the facial expressions
I just love that boy, he is the coolest kid
Maddox and I had a field trip to a petting zoo and it was SO cool! He got to feed the birds and the rabbits, they had baby chicks/baby giney pigs/baby rabbits to hold, he got to milk a cow, make bread for the animals, pick lettuce from a garden and even go on a donkey hay ride. We had a blast together! I love me some field trips!
He was pretty darn excited about getting the food to feed the animals
His two amigos- Bruno and Juan Diego
They had this swing set up in the middle of a ton of hay, so we went HIGH

That boy was ROLLIN some dough
Maddox and this goat got in a tug-a-war and MAN that goat ripped it out of his hands, so funny!
Milking a cow
Maddox hugging the statue
Baby alpacas
The donkey hay ride
Maddox's gymnastics show
He was slightly excited, can you tell?
Ok, so we need to work on getting the head off the ground

Look at that!

This is how Maddox goes to school with daddy, he LOVES it

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Nana said...

LOVE those pics! That school is just awesome!! I would love to go to the petting zoo when we come. Better than anything I've seen around here! Better store that rope up high. You just might find yourselves all tied up one morning! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!