Monday, August 02, 2010

Noche de Jovenes (Youth Night)

Lee and I have always had a heart for young folk, i.e. college-age kids. We decided before getting here that we would really make an intentional effort to get to know college kids. Lee quickly started the "cooler ministry" where he set up near a University campus and just handed out sodas in the hopes of getting to know some students (he also did this on random streets around town and met some pretty cool folks.) Him and Mark enrolled in a class at one of the university's to have access to the campus. I started being very intentional to talk to the cashier girls and the bag-boys at the grocery store (one of them has been over for pizza :)

Lee started an amazing friendship with a guy named Alex who he has studied with and comes to our house often to hang out (he's the only person Maddox invited to our house for his birthday and Alex took off work to come and be him, precious.)

God also brought us a guy named Christian. Ironically he is a Christian and he has been an amazing gift to our community of faith. He has a heart for serving God and people. He comes faithfully on Sundays, has invited our family over for lunch at his grandma's home, helps out with our youth nights and invites ALL his friends and at every opportunity he has to serve, he does (he worked all three days at the medical campaign!) Through Christian we have met quite a few college-age kids. Tabby, a friend of his has also been coming to church and also served at the medical campaign (as well as about 5 other of their friends.)

Janet and Gabby have also been amazing girls. Janet worked a lot with Sofia before school started (I met her one night at the mall and when she spoke English to the kids, I was SO amazed I asked for her number right away :) and also has come to our Sunday gathering and has brought her mom, grandma and friends. She also helped translate all three days at the medical campaign. Gabby was Lee's and I's Afro-Cuban Salsa dancing teacher. Oh YEAH, that is what I said. Lee and I thought it would be fun to go out and learn the "latin culture" by learning some new moves. It was SO fun and we were able to know Gabby who came to our English lessons and our youth night. She is so fun and God is already using her in her church in her worship team.

It has been amazing to see how God has answered this prayer for us to be able to get involved with a growing group of youth (that's what they call that age between 18-24 here.) We are loving it and have started this thing called "Noche de Jovenes" which means "youth night." We have pizza, play the wii, fellowship and just really try and use our home as a haven for these kids to spend a fun Saturday night.

Yesterday Tabby came over to our house in the middle of the afternoon to just talk with us about some things and invite us to her families house. I seriously almost cried when she left because THAT is the exact relationship we desire with these young adults- for them to feel comfortable coming over to our house, for them to feel open and free to talk to us and for us to know their families.

Mark being shamelessly taken down by Gabby in Wii boxing :)
Janet is to the right of me (looking at the pic) and the three girls on my left were friends of Christians he brought and they are precious girls studying ministry in school

This wii was the best ministry tool EVER! I'm trying to talk Lee into buying American Idol wii so we can all Karaoke for our next youth night, HAHA


Megan said...

Fun! I am so playing American Idol on the Wii the next time I come to Lima if you buy it. :)

Rocío said...

youth nigth? solo jovenes? porque y los viejos donde estamos, podria haber una noche de viejos no?

Nana said...

I agree Rocio! You should have an "oldie's night"!!! (and you didn't think I could understand spanish) :-)