Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Part 2

When did she get so BIG?!?
Get it girl!
Sofia and the boys!
The stage

Last night we FINALLY got our internet provider changed and hopefully I will gain the patience once again to blog. It has been a complete PAIN to blog the last few months because of problems with our internet and being SO slow. Alas we have changed providers and well see how this goes..

This morning I was able to download the pictures and videos from the kids mother's day programs. Sofia's video, from her actual performance, won't be up for a while because it was a different camera but hopefully you can hear (barely) a little of what she did:) Maddox CRACKS me up in his video, you'll see why. HAHA! Happy Mother's Day to all you incredible moms!

Maddox looked so serious before he started belting out his songs,
he took this thing S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y!
Our picnic together-both Maddox and I weren't feeling too awesome that morning as you can probably tell in our eyes (sore throats.)

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Holly said...

Maddox, you are a riot and Sofia great job! Your Spanish is AMAZING. So, much so that you have a really heavy accent when you speak English, ha!! Love you guys! Holly