Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maddox's Father's Day Show

Yesterday Maddox performed in his father's day show. Original I was not going to send him to school because Lee is in the US and I didn't want Maddox to be sad that his dad wasn't there.
When I picked Maddox up from school the day before the show I told his teacher "remember Maddox won't be here tomorrow." She said "oh no, I have to have him here! He is my helper with the songs and I will talk to him and explain that he's my helper. We will do a special show for his dad when he gets back but PLEASE he's the one that sings loud!"
With reluctance I said ok and quickly called Mark, our designated team "Uncle, fill in dad, friend etc.." He has had to step in on a few occasions and has been VERY gracious to do so. It also helps that our kids LOVE "Tio Mark."

I will let the videos speak for themselves but MAN his teacher was not laying! I know I'm completely bias but I think Maddox stole the show on this one. It helps that the songs are in English and he's the only English speaker but I have to say he was hangin with the best of them on the Spanish stuff too! Don't be surprised if Maddox turns up in a Peruvian made film in the next couple of years:) Enjoy!

P.S. Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dad's out there. Somehow I got blessed to be surrounded by the best dad's I know-my own dad, my father-in-law and of course the father of my children. You guys are incredible and all of us "kids" are incredibly blessed you call you our dads! Love you

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Bex said...

Agreed. Maddox stole the show. First, he can certainly project his voice! And, he knows English pretty well ;-) But even his Spanish was just as good as the other kids!