Thursday, November 03, 2011

"Picture A House Project"- By Sofia Fletcher

The side view of Elvira's house. This is the first house Sofia would like to rebuild
1. "Sunshine"
2."Fransisco"-Elvira's son
3."Fatima"-Elvira's daughter
4."Brown-Eyed Girl"
5. "Esperanza"
Maddox learning how to take pictures to get in on the action:)
6. "Friends"
7. "Sisters"

Sofia wanted to update everyone on her project. For those of you who don't know what she is doing, she has come up with a project to build homes in Villa Maria. She is going out and taking pictures of the faces that need a home. We will post them on the internet and people can buy them for a donation. When you purchase a picture 100% of the money will go in a fund to build a house. Each home will range between $500-$700. In addition the child whose picture you choose will also get a nice picture of himself (most children and their parents do not have pictures of themselves because they can't afford them.) Ok, now a word from Sofia:

"Here are a few pictures that my daddy and I took. The camera was really hard so my daddy had to help me a lot. If you have any questions you can ask my mommy:)"

She is brief and to the point when it comes to getting her to write things on the blog, haha. She is REALLY wanting to build the first house by Christmas! Lofty goal but I'm sure she can do it. She already has a group of girls in Midland who are running wild with the idea and got Sofia a website and there is LOTS of exciting stuff we hope to let you all know about soon!

Well... here are the first set of pictures. Like Sofia said her daddy had to help her quite a bit because the camera is not a automatic focus but she was doing great. Maddox is really getting into this project as well as is learning how to take pictures and can't wait to start nailing some walls together:)

If you are wanting to donate to the project let us know which picture you want and what size. Here is a list of the minimum donations to cover the cost of the picture and the shipping (it's being shipped from the US don't worry:)

1. 4x6= $5
2. 5x7= $8
If you want any larger prints please let us know.

Again, if you are interested in donating to "Picture a House" which Sofia is raising money by taking pictures pictures and selling them for donations, please contact us at: and let us know which picture you want and what size. We will let you know where to mail your check and you will receive your picture in the mail as well as an update letter once the first house is complete. Additionally the child's family (of the picture you choose) will also get a picture of their child (obviously there will be numerous that pick the same picture and we won't give them 18 of the same picture:)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND WE HOPE TO HAVE THE FIRST HOUSE COMPLETED BY CHRISTMAS!!!! This could be a great way to get your kids involved the season of giving for the holidays!!! What would be better than giving someone a house!?!
Sofia and Fam

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