Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yes, I am TOTALLY posting backwards but most of the time my life is just that way and I embrace it! February was also an incredibly fun month.  For several reasons but mainly because Brett and Jenna Bishop came to visit!  Some of their friends Jason and Hannah also joined in on the fun and we all had a blast.  They were SO good about joining in on our crazy life and helping out in any and every way.  One of those ways was loving on our kiddos and as you will tell from some of the pictures our kids fell completely in-love with Brett and Jenna (wasn't that hard to do!)  I'm not sure Maddox or Liam were not ever NOT sitting on top of Brett and Sofia thought Jenna hung the moon.

Other events in February was the dreaded back-to-school shopping (check out the picture of the list below), Sofia and Maddox getting to experience some Peruvian soccer, our back to school outreach in Villa Maria and fun times with our family group (family group is like our small group that meets in our home.  We have one during the day and one in the evening and we absolutely love getting together with these friends to build community and share our faith.)

Enjoy the pics!!!

Ok, so I had to post this because I'm not one of those crafty mom's so it HAD to be documented that I got an idea on pinterest and actually made these noodle hot dog things for the kids to eat.  Ok, well at least that's my idea of a craft:) Let it be documented.
 French Bread.  We bought this amount of bread just about every other day while our friends were staying with us, it is INCREDIBLE bread!!!  Oh and I forgot to mention that while Brett, Jenna, Hannah and Jason were here we also ended up having some friends of ours get kicked out of their house and their family of 6 were with us as well (though they were super easy and all 16 of us got a long great:)))) They all only overlapped a day I think.
 Maddox as always positioned right on top of Brett (taking a drink break from soccer)

 Liam and his ice-cream.  This boy is obsessed!
 We had a team valentines dinner and thought picture is horrible it was SUPER fun and valentinish:)
 Jenna and Hannah slaved over these for several hours I'm pretty sure:)
 Valentines morning.  Dad's famous pink pancakes
 I know I love holidays WAY too much!  We love to celebrate around these parts!
 Carlos (our neighbor who is in our family group) making cupcakes to pass out to people in Villa Maria
 Jenna baking away with our family group!  
 Gaby (also part of our family group) pouring the mix!
 Liam and Maddox once again with their favorite chair:)

Jenna and I the night before they left:( We waited till the last minute to get a picture and the place was so dark nothing would come out, haha!

 Going up the steps in Villa Maria, ready for school supply giveaway!!
 The kids were all kinds of excited about that day
 Lee talking to the kids (yes, that is sweat on his back but man it is HOT in that little room!)
 Ok, do you just not want to squeeze her!?!
 Here is my school supply list, TRIPPIN!!!  
 Sofia checkin out her opponents in soccer:)
 Maddox in action
 Oh yeah, just push that kid away Maddox that's how you do it!  JK
 Sofia and her friend Brady awaiting their certificates for completing the program
 So cute!
 Love that the teacher has him by the arm.  He just HAS to be in the front or that boy is out of control
 Bub and Sis
 Some famous soccer players.  Sorry, don't know names here.  Oh and don't worry when Maddox went to go get the guys autograph he asked "whats your name?"  We like to play it cool around here.
 Just thought this picture was adorable.  My friend Liz (she is one of my closest friends here from Australia) and all of the kids in a back-scratching train.  Love it!

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