Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May-Mother's Day

There is something that happens here in May that is almost as big as Christmas.  It's called Mother's Day!!!  I'm NOT kidding.  There is a huge production at school, special promotions at every store in Lima and prizes all around.  People even called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.

My kids each had their own show and both were amazing.  Sofia was chosen to sing with some other kids in the front and she sang her little heart out.  Maddox CRACKED me up as he won the "best dancer award" and played his part up!  I have video of it somewhere but that will take a little longer to find:)

Sofia ready for her big performance
 My little prince with his hair part that DADDY combed!

 Are they not the cutest???
 That hair part is trippin!!!
 He wanted SO bad to be a part of the show:)
 Getting ready with her mic
 Getting her cheese on as she sings a Bruno Mars song

 Get it girl!

 She's a natural

 Her class

 Getting prepped on stage:)

 Doing his solo at the beginning

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