Monday, September 24, 2007

Community Renewal

Someone asked what is going to happen to the "Friendship House" when Stephanie and I move to Peru. Sorry to say, I can only speculate as there is a lot that goes into that decision. I can tell you that Hendrick, who has oversight and provides the funding, has provided amazing leadership in an effort to "renew" this area of Abilene. I'm proud of what they've done, the initiative they've taken.

I do know that a search is underway for a new couple to work out of this place. So it seems the "house" will certainly go on (no surprise there as its always been much bigger than Stephanie or I). What I think you've got to realize is that the idea of community renewal goes far beyond the walls of this house. The work here at the Friendship House is only one facet of the overall effort to make our community better. Mack McCarter, the founder of this idea of "renewal," would tell you that there is one thing constant in all the "communities" of history. They continue to collapse in on themselves. Oh, how right he is! Something has to be done...

For those of you not familiar with Connecting Caring Communities, our non-profit oversight, or Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal, the initiative Mack started, you might benefit from the linked title on this post. The idea is simple. Relationships are essential. Based on Christian love, you've got to get to know and LOVE your neighbor. This is simply the only thing that ever has and ever will renew our neighborhoods and our communities.

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Anonymous said...

Still one of the tallest guys I know. Moving to Peru! Wow! That is awesome. I am excited for you guys. Hampton is a lot of fun and I am glad you found E-beth's blog. She is pretty good about updating for grandparents and friends.

a much shorter man then you,