Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Training and the like...

So many have been kind enough to ask how things are going with our year of training, fundraising and general preparation for relocation to Lima. Even though we've been working in this direction for well over a year now, our official "training" has been underway for almost two months now. Boy, as much as we've been doing, sure seems like its been a lot longer!

I thought I would give a brief layout of what has been going on for us for those of you that like to know specifics. We are training through the Halbert Institute of Missions with ACU and they have certainly kept us hopping. Here is generally what goes on:
  • Monday-Meet for time of devotional and team building. Us guys usually get together in the afternoons for some recreation (aka: hand-ball or basketball). Beyond this, we spend most of the day preparing fundraising presentations and communicating with our current and potential partners in this work.
  • Tuesday-Meet for time of devotional and discussion of doctrinal topics that are "hot" in Peru. We want to make certain we are in agreement concerning interpretation of what the Bible teaches. We want to make certain we can support scripturally what we know the Bible to say on particular issues. In general, we spend time together thoroughly learning scripture and how that plays out, both good and bad, in Lima. In the afternoons, we spend time studying Spanish with a tutor and, again, looking into fundraising. Also, us guys get together for a very early morning breakfast to discuss concerns, our personal Bible studies, pray together, etc.
  • Wednesday-Time of devotional and mentorship with Halbert. We are blessed during this time with real life experiences from Gary Green, former missionary in Venezuela, and his expertise in Latin America. Wednesday evenings we have a time of worship and potluck at one of our homes.
  • Thursday-More time of devotional and discussion of our team covenant and/or Peruvian culture. Afternoons are again spent studying Spanish and working on funding.
  • Friday-We spend the entire morning devoted to worship and fellowship. This is usually a shorter day and relaxed so that those families needing to can leave town early in order to present at potential partnering churches.
As you can see, we stay busy. We Fletchers add to this above hectic schedule with our responsibilities at the Friendship House and a few smaller items (I've been doing some small construction projects to save up for our relocation fund and/or other future necessities).

Really and truly, this has been a good two-ish months. We are excited about what God is doing and are really grateful for the way He is bringing all of this together. We feel blessed to be a part of this team and are stoked that we are doing exactly what it is God would have us to do.

If you would like, what you can do to help us in this ministry is:
  • Pray for us! Continue to ask God to provide as only He can and in the exact way He would have it.
  • Tell our story. We want as many as possible to know what God is going to do in Peru!
  • Help us find partners. If you know of mission-loving folks and congregations that might be interested in supporting this work, please let us know.
  • Did I mention, pray for us?
Thanks dear friend for being so interested in this work...may God be praised and may you be blessed!

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