Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Take a peak!

Had a recent request for more family pics. Well, we certainly aim to please...


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the four of you. Maddox is getting so big and Sofia is looking more and more like Aunt Nat!

Rick & Shara said...

Love the new pictures! Thanks for honoring those requests. It was great seeing you guys at Homecoming...and meeting Maddox. He is adorable!! You are such a beautiful family. Love you guys!

Brooks Inc. said...


I finally got out the piece of paper where you had written down your blog (somehow it was stuck in the book of Amos in my Bible...I guess I need to read that more often!)! How fun to read about your beautiful family and see pictures!

Know that I will join you guys in prayer as you conintue to advance the Kingdom where you are and where you are preparing to go!

Sure love you!

Becky (Jeffrey) Brooks - still married to Tony and not Jeff! :)