Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stephanie's FIRST post

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I've actually entered the world of blogging! Yes, this is my first time to post and hopefully will not be my last. I decided that there would definitely be some news worthy stories to share in the next few months that I better learn how to post.

Today was our parent orientation for the daycare at school. All of the new students and our billion kids piled into a gym to listen to the director and some of the teachers talk about what to expect. I couldn't here a word they said due to the fact that there was construction going on and it seemed like every time the lady would speak the drill would start up. Needless to say I tuned out after a few minutes.
We then proceeded to take the kids into their classrooms and drop them off for about an hour. I guess I should have known that having orientation during most kids nap time (1-3pm) was probably going to be difficult but Maddox was crying before we even got inside his little gate. We quickly dropped him off with no name tag, no diaper bag and no paper we filled out on him. I thought to myself "man this is so different from day cares in the US." I have to admit that filling out those papers on a daily basis got old any way. To make a long story short Sofia had a great time and I'm sure she tried to talk her spanish speaking teacher into giving her food. Maddox cried almost the entire time and when I went to pick him up I tried to explain that he's not usually this bad but it was his naptime. As he came over to me balling they picked him up and I noticed his name tag said "Elliot." I thought to myself no wonder he was crying (just kidding I actually like that name!) So I guess you can't blame a kid for crying when you drop him off in a place where he can't understand a word their saying and they don't know his name. When I told them his name was Maddox they couldn't pronounce it so he is now going by Max.

Ok, well this is probably enough for the first post. It makes me a little nervous because when I write I don't think about the fact that the whole world could see it, but oh well. Oh and don't ever expect good grammar at any point!

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MOM said...

Go Steph! Congrats for entering into the world of bloggers! We love reading your stories! Love you! We're praying that Maddox had a little better experience today. They might start calling him Jose.