Monday, August 25, 2008

How About a Tour of Our Temporary Home?


emily anna said...

What a fun tour! Glad to see that you guys are doing well. I think about you often, and pray for you daily. Claire asks about Sofia ALL of the time... :( Maybe we will have to plan a trip!
Talk to you soon!

Tracey said...

Hi all!
Loved your video.Think of you often and so admire you as a young family and the example you are setting for your kids -
Blessings in Christ,
Tracey Bloomberg in Brenham

Jody said...

HI GUYS! Thankful for the internet. It was great to see you and your temp. place. I pray that your next move will be smooth and that school goes great. Miss you guys! Lee, good tour. Wow on the gates and bars! Steph, how are you feeling? The kids look like the are adjusting well. Thats so great! Hugs sent your way and keep us updated.

cathie/daniel orozco said...

great video, Sophia, great JOB!! we can't wait til cailyn is saying all of those words. thanks for all of the communication, we love it!!

notesfromdeb said...

Ummm ... well ... glad to see you guys are getting locked into the Tico culture much more quickly than I had imagined! :)

When will Sofia start giving tour guides of your new home in Espanol? (At first I typed that really fast and it looked like this: eSPAMol.)

Stay well, enjoy the rain, and take Stephanie out for a good steak dinner!


Deb said...

OOPS, messed up on the 'choose and identity' feature. What a Luddite I am! Sorry...


Allison said...

So I cried when I heard the baby dolls name! That just makes me so happy! Tell Sofia Ella Reese misses her!