Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Here!

Yes 'um....we made it to Costa Rica a few days ago! What a few days it has been.....

Without all the crazy details, here's what's been going on and what we expect in the coming days:

  • Landed in Costa Rica on Wednesday with a crazy landing. I bet the pilot wishes he had another shot at this one. He landed the plane with such force that our family's passports and customs documentation, sitting in an empty seat, flew half the plane's length when the pilot slammed on the brakes and hit the reverse thrusts! Imagine me, Lee, running up the plan as we taxi (something I wasn't supposed to be doing and was consequently told so via the loud speaker) looking for three of our four passports. Thankfully, I did find two fairly quickly with the help of about 10 fellow passengers. We got the third document back via a flight attendant that had it waiting on us as we exited the front of the plane (we were sitting about 2/3 of the way back!).
  • Found 8 of our 9 checked bags but thankfully got the last one back the following day. This bag had our toiletries, medicines, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. So, needless to say we stunk for a little while as we waited on our bag to be returned (Apparently our bag was taken by another passenger mistakenly. We've decided to love this poor soul anyway!).
  • Our Tico home was not ready the day we arrived so we were taken to a temporary house. Video tour to follow in another post.
  • Had an epidsode (very short and relatively lite) of culture-shock! It still comes in brief waves but, thankfully, has not been bad. Kind of what we'd expect I guess.
  • Moved into our new house today. It is simply fantastic but is still under some construction. With some luck, all will be done this week. Not too bad of an inconvenience. We'll send a video about the new place as well!
  • Finally got reliable and consistent internet service. Oh how thankful we are for that!
  • Wednesday this week we start orientation for school.
  • School starts a week from tomorrow. Should be great....
Thanks to all for the support and prayers and for checking in on us. We'll stay in contact. Hope you'll do the same.

Here is our Skype number and emails:


Lots of love to you all! Brings us great peace to have you on this journey along with us....


Hannah said...

I am so glad you guys got there safely. Your plane story makes me think about Eric's stories about Steph on the plane to Haiti!

Ann Reese said...

So glad yall are there and that the adventures are beginning! Amazing plane story. Hope this next week goes smoothly and we're looking forward to pictures and the video tour! Love you guys and praying for yall daily.

Chuck and Marilyn said...

Thanks for the write-up and pics, especially of the kids. The landing story is the worst I've heard... and probably the funniest since you are safe.

Best wishes for a great semester of talking espanol!

We send our love (and prayers) to you and the entire team!!!!

Nana said...

I think Sofia has found her "calling" as a tour guide! How wonderful it is to see where you are. We are thankful that you are SAFE and SOUND!