Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day Of School!

So, today Lee and I (and the kids of course) strapped on our backpacks and walked to school for the first time in many years. We both felt a sense of excitement and for me a little anxiety. I kissed the kids goodbye (as they both screamed) and then kissed Lee goodbye and went to find my room. With more joy than you can imagine, I found out that two of my teammates (Alison and Tara) were in my first two hours with me. I didn't really know what to expect but I was slightly surprised when the teacher came in and just started talking in Spanish (not sure what I was expecting.) She gave us directions in Spanish, corrected us in Spanish and did exercises in Spanish. It was crazy but not as crazy as the fact that I actually followed along. It's amazing what prayer can do. I know their were a lot of people praying for us today and we felt it.

Lee also enjoyed his class and his classmates greatly. They started their first day translating (I should be there by tomorrow, haha) and he loved every minute of it. I can honestly say that today was a good day.

We have been warned that there will be many days of tears, anger, wondering what in the world we signed up for but for right now I'm going to enjoy the fact that my first day was good. I have four female classmates, all varying ages and they are really sweet.

Who knows what the next few posts will look like, I might be on complete Spanish overload and going out of my mind. Keep reading the blog to find out...


Anonymous said...

yeah for a terrific first day of school! if you were a little closer, i would take you to scoops for an ice cream and give you a new pencil case to celebrate.

Good for you!

Stephanie said...

You are halerious. Thanks for always leaving comments. For a new blogger like me, it absolutely makes my day. They have a place here by the way, called POP's and I'll just go get an ice cream cone there. Thanks

Olivia said...

I am so glad to read you guys are there and already experiencing so much. I have been thinking about you tons and hope to keep up with you now that I found your blog again. Blessings! PS. read my blog...we are adopting!