Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our Loss

Today has been a better start to a new day. The past few have been rather terrible in all honesty. Many of you have graciously, and consistently, followed our story here in San Jose, Costa Rica; but, for others, this post may very well be your first knowledge of the grief we've recently known. I regret that you have to learn of it in this manner. However, with hope, this post will fill-in many of the blanks, questions that may be present regarding our situation.

Stephanie and I learned Thursday, September 4, via a sonogram that our unborn child ceased to show signs of fetal movement and heart beat. Stephanie had been apprehensive regarding the progression of her pregnancy, concerned that her growth was not consistent with the norms of pregnancy and quite a bit different from those with Sofia and Maddox. After our sonogram and struggling terribly to swallow this news, we quickly went up to the third floor of the hospital to meet with the school doctor. He explained that the doctor who performed the sonogram was sure that the baby was deceased and that Stephanie would have to deliver the baby. In the midst of our grief we had to make a few decisions about how this would all take place. We did a lot of waiting over the next three hours and after I searched three different Pharmacies around the hospital, we finally were able to locate the medicine Stephanie needed in order to start the birthing process (Pharmacies and Hospitals here, while good, function a little different than what we're accustomed to). They inserted a pill that would dilate Stephanie's cervix and sent us home around 8pm. That night Stephanie started cramping and bleeding around 3am and we had a friend from the school drive us to the hospital at 4am. They got us set up in our room and started inducing labor. The process was painful and there was a slight scare when Stephanie started passing out due to her loss of blood and her blood pressure plumeted to 55/36. Not too long after that the doctor came in and sparing the details here, delivered the baby. We were able to briefly see the baby and, although too early to know for certain, the doctor thought it was likely a boy. We spent the night in the hospital and we are waiting for the doctor to check blood levels to see if we can go home today. We know this is only the beginning of this journey but we feel humbled at how our brothers and sisters have surrounded us in prayer, emails, visits and much more. We feel so blessed to be a part of such a large family and also feel blessed to get to go home soon to Sofia and Maddox.

Thank you for caring so deeply for our family. Your love has truly been felt by us so many miles away.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying for God's strength for your family.

Kara Sheets said...

we were so sad to hear of you loss, and we have been praying since. we're glad that friends and family have been there to support you because there are a lot of people here wishing that we all could be a physical presence of support. know that we are still thinking and praying for yall daily.
the sheets

Tracey said...

Stephanie and Lee
We are very saddened for this loss in your life of your precious child.Many prayers have been lifted up on your behalf for peace and the Lord's arms to wrap you with his great love.
In Christ,
The Bloomberg family

Anonymous said...

Stephanie and Lee,
We were so sad to hear of your loss. Our prayers and thoughts
have been with you ever since we
heard. So glad Patti was able to
be there.
God bless!
Peggy & Lonnie

Lynn said...

Lee and Stephanie.....I just heard today about your loss. My heart cries with yours and I know that you will allow God to guide you both through this journey with the strength that He has gifted you both with. There is nothing anyone can say to make your pain go away. Just know that many care for you and love you and are SO proud of you guys! The Doty's in Texas.......

Aaron & Cassie said...

So sorry for your loss. I received your blog link from Julie O'Neal, as we just went through this exact tragedy with our baby on Wednesday. Our unborn baby was three months old and my biggest regret was not being able to see him. Thanks so much for your blog. It's encouraging to see others upholding God in times of struggle and encourages me so much. Any advice you could give would be wonderful, as I'm struggling to get through this. Thanks.