Monday, September 15, 2008

New Contact Info for Us

We have a new resource that should be quite convenient for you all in the States. For those interested, we now have a telephone number (325-480-4477) that will call us via our computer (and Skype) here in Costa Rica. We have voice mail, so if by chance we don't answer, please leave a message as we'd love to call you back. Our classes are from 7:30-1:00 (8:30-2:00 Texas time) and we are typically gone some, but not for very long, either in the afternoons or evenings (such as for church, meetings, time away, etc.). Best time to catch us, however, is anytime after 2:00pm your time.

Thanks to all for staying in touch and for supporting us in amazing ways. What a blessing you have been.


Chuck and Marilyn said...

Thanks for the updates and the new telephone number. Say hello to everyone else there.

Love Yall!!!

Karla said...

i don't really have anything to say, but i wanted to leave a comment...

Jerms said...

Stephanie-this is proof that I read the blog. I like Skype better because I can see yall's faces.

Lee-thanks for that 'little' surprise last night ;-) good to see ya.