Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fun in the Rain

It rains every single day here. You'd think coming from West Texas we'd struggle with this. Funny, however, it doesn't seem to bother us. The mornings are beautiful, always sunny and blue, so that helps. And, who knows, maybe the enjoyment we find is God preparing us for life in Lima where it rains less than one inch per year! Maybe He is blessing us with this time of deluge to simply get us ready to go without. If that's the case, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is, we are thankful for his provision. One less thing to culturally adjust to when we arrive in Lima would be good.

Cultural adjustment we're learning is challenging in ways one could never anticipate. There's simply no way you can know that breakfast cereal in your new country will go stale in a matter of days due to the humidity. Nor can you know that water is on a relatively normal basis shut off on Saturdays for pipe repair (sure can make shower considerations interesting). Few will think to tell you that the sun comes up at 5:15 am and, for that matter, so do the people! Here things get loud a lot sooner than one would expect. And certainly one of the last things you'd be told when preparing to move to a foreign country is how their trash schedule works. Suffice it to say, don't miss the few days they come as things certainly can get messy, and smelly, around the house if you do.

So, back to the rain....while no one ever told us-at least in a way we could fully appreciate-that we would without fail get wet at least once a day here, I'd say we've come to enjoy it. We find the rain makes sleeping absolutely wonderful and a cool northerly breeze brought in by the approaching rain reminds you of the natural comfort and "greenness," if you will, of this wonderful place. Simply put: We like it here and we feel God working, preparing us for the next place. But while we're here we've been eating it up. See for yourselves.

A few pics of Maddox enjoying a rainy day. By the way, isn't our little boy getting old? Wow!


Anonymous said...

great pics and great video below. sounds like you should be writing a book about things to know about costa rica! hope you are doing good, and as always, we are thinking of you!

Jeanette said...

Hey Steph,
I have come across your blog a few times here recently and I decided to just say hey and drop you a note. I really wanna express our sympathy to you and your family, so sorry to here of that awful news of your loss. We actually lost a little one to back in April I was not as far along as you but still anyway it happens it is hard to deal with. It is Good to see you and the kids Wow you are right they look all so grown up as well as our little one will be 2 next week it is so crazy. Try to stay in touch and you all are doing such a awesome thing in Peru.
Take care,
Jeanette French

Aunt Nat Nat said...

I've never wanted to play in the rain so bad in my life!! I miss those babies so much...and yall too!! Be sure to wear your ear blinkers when you go on a Dora says, "so we can be safe!"

Chuck and Marilyn said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the Spanish lesson... What does it mean?

Great pics of you and your cute kids.


Chuck and Marilyn

Kyle Smith said...

Rain everyday! Wow. Here in Arequipa it rains one month in the year. 330+ days it is sunny and (relatively) cloudless.

Lima is very different than Arequipa so I guess the only point I'm making is that I miss rain!

Aleesa said...

OK, for some reason I see Richard in that first picture of Maddox. I'm not sure what it is, but he looks very "Fletcheresque". Cute pics.