Saturday, October 04, 2008

More Pics of The Familia

Sofia on a good day
Maddox on a bad day
Lee and Steph on their first date in Costa Rica (to a French restaurant)
Maddox all in blue
So...Daddy bought makeup for her but... left her alone with it!

All I know is when I use to visit blogs (the few times I did) I only liked to look at the pictures. I'm just being honest here. I thought that I would include a lot of pictures in case you are like me. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

wow! a lot of posting lately.... thanks for sharing the pics. i like that you even capture your little man stuck in the toy room. sofia is quite the budding makeup artist.


Vanessa said...

Thanks for putting a link from FB to this site.
The pics are soooo cute!
Let me add just how sorry I am to learn about Levi.....tearing up here in TX....just know that we are thinking about and praying for you. You always did want to be a mom!!

Aleesa said...

You are very right about the pictures. What Mary Kay look is Sofia modeling? Fall or Winter? :)

Jenny Wilkinson said...

Well, your kids are still cute. That's official. Lucy is filling a box to send to Sofia. She is dearly missed. I suppose you all are. I am impressed by how good you have been at posting and sharing. It's hard to leave comments but it's been good to read.

pribish4 said...

Am I the only one that's disturbed by the word Bimbo on Maddie's jersey?

KARENW said...

Stephanie & Family,

I was sorry to hear of your loss and continue to lift you and your family up to God in prayer. I can not even pretend to understand your feelings, but I have learned that God gives you the grace that is needed to go through your pain. Stephanie, you are such an inspiration to us all here in Abilene Texas, and know you have a beautiful family and loving Lord. The "Recycled Hope" group, what a great blessing. I enjoyed your blogging and pictures of the kids. But, know you all are loved so much and you are in all of our prayers. Hope to see you when you come home. love, Karen

Aunt Nat Nat said...

My goodness Maddox looks more like Lee everyday -- tutu and all! :) And I love the intellegent look that Reece displays... MY BABIES NEED ME!!!

Summer said...

We've been thinking of you today and missing you. Praying for you always. I love reading, though I don't always comment. Know that you are loved here in A-town. Love the tutu photos!

KARENW said...

If your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light........ Mt. 6:22
By God's grace I am what I am..... 1 Corinthians 15:10
'Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!'


Bex said...

great pictures! especially of you and lee! what a couple of hot tamales!

NANA said...

That darling girl needs her Nana to teach her how to put her makeup on!! We'll have to work on that the next time we're there!! hee hee! I send my love to you ALL!!

The Fletcher Pandilla said...

you are very, very welcome my beautiful girl! i love you lots...