Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Few Random Pictures Of The Familia

Maddox locked himself in the toy room

Maddox-still locked in the playroom and getting mad

Justin and Lee dismantlement the door

Sofia-everyday after school

Sorry, don't know how to flip pictures yet but this is Maddox getting ready to play in the rain


Hannah said...

Poor Maddox. Sofia looks SO old and so cute in the picture!

Valerie said...

I had a good laugh at your pics of Maddox. Not because he is distressed but how universal is the look of a distressed toddler. Alex had this very look of distress & anger yesterday when we whisked him away from an inflatable air castle. We experienced our first very public, very loud temper tantrum. Thanks for sharing your life & photos on this blog. I think of you & your family often and send positive thoughts, love & prayers your way.

Bex said...

that picture of sofia gave me a wrench in the stomach of how much i miss you guys. somehow you managed to be in town for most of the kids bdays and we are about to have one without you?! how is this possible?