Monday, October 20, 2008

A recap of my “fun” day at the hotel (caution, this isn’t a pretty post)

Yesterday morning we got up and got ready to go to a fun little hotel. I decided the kids and I would have church by the pool and have a fun day just spending time together. As we were getting ready to leave, I thought to myself “so how do I take both my kids and my luggage to find a cab?” A friend ended up calling me a cab and actually escorted it over to my house (thanks Curtis and Trish, you guys were life savers.) When the cab got there I realized I didn’t have the name of my hotel or the directions and realized my stroller was gone. I didn’t want to make him wait while I called the police so I quickly put the kids and the bags in the taxi and went inside to get the name of the off the internet.

By now I’m flustered and really sweaty. For the 25 minute taxi ride, I tried to relax while both my kids were crawling ALL over the back seat and getting on each other’s nerves (and mine!) When we got there, I realized right off the bat that the pictures of the hotel on the internet must have been taken somewhere else because it depicted something a little different. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice but just not what I was expecting. We quickly got our swim suits on and went to the pool. The pool was FREEZING! Needless to say it wasn’t the funnest thing for the kids to play in. So… we started church at a pool side table. We sang songs, told a Bible story and we were done with that (no, I didn’t bring the Lord’s Supper.)

We then ordered some juice and as soon as the glass came out Maddox pushed it off the table into thousands of little pieces. That was my queue to go back to the room. As we got ready (for what? I had no idea) the kids touched every possible item in a 200 sq foot vicinity that they weren’t suppose to. So I spent the next 30 minutes just telling them “NO.” We decided to go to the mall that was a few miles away. After about an hour of walking around holding Maddox, chasing Sofia, eating stale hot dogs, riding a train around the mall that I was obviously too big to be in, I thought to myself “It’s only 11am! How do I turn this around to make this somewhat enjoyable?” Please don’t get your hopes up as you read this cause it only gets worse.

We get back to the hotel and the kids are exhausted and cranky but they don’t have cribs so Maddox won’t go down. I decide to go down to the restaurant around 4 to eat an early dinner and hopefully put the kids to bed early. There was NO ONE in the restaurant (including a no show on a waiter) so I went to go find him for a high chair, you guessed it- no high chair. They tried to bring pillows for a leather chair but Maddox slipped right down and under the table. The menu had nothing kid-friendly but I didn’t want to get up and leave since they went to a neighbor’s house to get me a high-chair. We got our food and got settled in and of course Sofia has to pee. So I run around the restaurant and find a bathroom that I have to leave Sofia in to go look at Maddox who is screaming. She does great and we finally start eating. Low and behold Sofia has to poop now. I now send her in the direction of the bathroom and stay with Maddox. I hear her yelling for me to wipe her and I’m thinking “I’m so glad that there is no one here .”

We make it back to our room after we left our “mark” in that restaurant and it’s time for baths. They have a great time in a huge bath tub. I could not wait to get in after the kids went to sleep, in fact it’s the best part of hotels cause we don’t have a bath tub here. Finally at 7, Maddox went to sleep while Sofia watched Dora on the laptop. Around 8 everyone was sound asleep and I finally went to go get into the bath tub. There was no hot water left and the water was brown! I am not joking or exaggerating. I couldn’t believe it. I resorted to laying in bed and watching a movie on my laptop.

I’m not one to ever really get “lonely” but I must say that four days without a hubby and two days only talking to either a toddler or a Tico (a Costa Rican) that to me didn’t sound much different since I couldn’t understand them , I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I had one of those “where in the world am I and what am I doing? Sort of days.” Anyway, the Davidson’s came out to the hotel this morning and the kids had a blast. We proceeded to McD’s and then came home. The kids are down in their beds for a nap and I am exhausted. I just thought I would share my day. I hope you at least got a laugh from my tragic time. Just kidding it wasn’t terrible it was just a learning experience that I hopefully won’t ever do again. Same as not ever leaving things in our imprisoned porch in fear it might “walk” away or in our case “ride” away.

Thanks for reading.


Becky said...

Thanks for being "real" about what's been going on. Such is life, huh! We would like to float on clouds all day, but that is not our mission. God is obviously with you and will carry you through. We just have to trust in Him and He will do it! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!

emily anna said...

Love you Stephie! You are a great Mom! I know it must be lonely at times, but just know that I am thinking about you often. Always prayings for you guys! :)