Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Ballet and Sofia Singing

Sofia and Lilly-Oh yes I did let her wear her ballet outfit to a sophisticated ballet

The girls in front of the ballet sign

Sofia and Lilly inside the Theater

The National Theater

So I'm about to have to post about three times cause I don't like it when they get to long and once again I haven't posted in a while. This first post is mainly about Sofia.

I was going to post about our ballet experience anyway but then tonight she was cracking me up singing in her bed that I thought I would share. You can't see anything in the video because her room was dark (she was supposed to be sleeping so this video was taken while I was sneaking into her room.) It's hilarious! The first song she is pretty much saying "What you want, I can't do", then it's gibberish, then she abruptly says "no" and changes her tune to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." I thought it was really funny so here it is:

On Sunday night I decided to take Sofia to a Ballet in Downtown San Jose. I went with another girl I had met earlier that week and her daughter. I didn't know how it would turn out taking a three year old to a ballet but we had an absolute blast.

The theater was beautiful and Sofia danced it up in the aisle cause she wanted to mimic every move they were making. At intermission we took the girls to the bathroom and when we got back the show had started and they wouldn't let us into our area because we were too late. We had bought the cheapest seats so we had to go in through the side of the theater and climb all the way to the nose bleed section. I tried not to overreact but Sofia was begging to get back in the doors and I seriously was about to cry for her. I finally went back into the front doors, went to the second floor and in my broken Spanish tried to explain to the lady what happened and used Sofia for extra points. Obviously she didn't understand me cause she was taking me to another bathroom. Finally Michelle (the girl with me who is from Venezuela) bailed me out and re-explained what had happened. The lady took pity on us and brought all the way to one of those balcony entrances and we got our own little suite with velvet chairs overlooking the stage. We were as close as you could get to those ballerinas, it was amazing! We could even see them off stage. Anyway, it was a memorable experience for all of us and Sofia cannot wait to be on that stage real soon! Above are a couple pictures (They would be below but I don't know how to get the pictures where I want them).


Anonymous said...

Such a ballet story! It makes ya feel good that good things happen to such good people! :)

Mo said...

I love Sophie's cheer at the end of her song - yeah!!!

mom/nana said...

That video is absolutely PRICELESS! She even changed keys on her Twinkle Twinkle. YEAH SOFIA! How exciting that you got to take the girls to see the ballerina's! What a very special memory. You're the BEST Steph!