Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Been Missing My Extravaganzas???

Lee and I at La Paz Gardens at sunset-what a hunk!

Kellan and Sofia watching their new found friend

The view outside our hotel room

First of all I need to apologize for completely abandoning my blogging duties. So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks that I felt too far behind to post. This sounds dramatic but unfortunately says a lot about me. When it comes to journaling, writing, reading or anything I really have to take time and concentration doing I give up pretty quickly. So, here I am taking another stab at this. I will briefly tell you about my last couple of weeks...

My encounter with our stroller thief:

We found out through a round-about way who took our stroller. I will spare you the details about how it all went down but last week Lee spotted the guy who was a conspirator in the whole process and pointed him out to me. First of all, bad idea on Lee's part. Lee had confronted him a few days prior and the next day our pool, Maddox's ball and my umbrella were taken. Oh and the pool was FULL of water too. Since Lee's approach to confronting the man obviously didn't work and probably made him mad which is why the rest of our porch toys are gone, I decided to take another approach.

I actually ran after him and said this "Hello, my stroller was stollen last week and I know you work around here. If you happen to know who took it or can somehow get it back for me I will pay you $50." He nervously said he would try and I thanked him and walked off. Oh did I mention that I had to say all this in Spanish? My reasoning for all this was that I knew they had sold it for $30 and divided that by three so surely $50 would give him enough incentive to steal it back for me. Well see what happens

My stoning idea:

I had another idea the other day when our pool and other toys were stollen. They were stollen the day before our Fall Festival party we were hosting and needed the pool for our bobbing for apple game. I thought I would strategically place items on my porch that I didn't want and lure these men onto my porch in the middle of the night (oh and I would have to find a way of putting some sort of noise maker on these items so I would actually wake up) and I would proceed to go on my porch and stone them. I wouldn't get big enough rocks that would really do unrepairable damage but just enough that they might change their minds about coming back to our house. It would take them a while to climb back over our 12 foot fence. I don't want to sound too harsh but can you just picture it? It's biblical isn't it? I'm sure Lee will not go for this but you never know.

The Fall Festival Party

We had a wonderful party and the Thompson/Fletcher casas. Since we live next door we decided to put on our own "fall festival" and invite other families from the school. About 10 of us families gathered with our kids all dressed (in whatever we found around the house of course) and had a grand-ole time. I will try to include some pictures.

La Paz Waterfall Garden

The Davidson's and us went on a mini family vacation the weekend before last. This hotel was in the middle of a national rainforest and was pretty much the closest I have ever come to paradise. I looked around and wondered if I would see Levi hanging out there because of God's splendor. We had an amazing time and it truly was a blessing to both of our families. We got to eat good food, walk out of our room and down a path to a world of monkeys, butterflies, birds and much more and swim in some incredible warmed pools. This place was seriously amazing and if any couples reading this want the best honeymoon spot known to man or just a getaway with your spouse- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place. They even have free 15 minute massages everyday from 2-7 overlooking the forest outside!!!

Well there is a lot more but I'm tired. I will try to write again tomorrow about school, my last doctors appointment and my parents being here!

Blessings to all!


Vanessa said...

The stroller drama continues!!!!
I say the $50 incentive is a good idea! The stoning.....sounds good......but (you are right) Lee probably wont go for it!
Include pics of your parents and tell them HELLO for us!

Vanessa said...

I forgot....the pics of the scenery ROCK! Looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you, Stephanie. The memories you are making sound so amazing. Thank you so much for continuing to share them with us.

May God continue to bless you and yours!

Have a great birthday too!

Olivia said...

Hey sweet friend. I have thought about you lots lately. For one, I was going up the elevator at Hendrick Rehab and there you were holding little Sofia! That was SO long ago. Then I was putting some photos in an album and it happened to be the one you gave me on our memorable girls night out back in 2005. I love you lots and I am praying for all of you. You are so sweet and amazing.

Jaime said...

Those pictures are amazing! What a great experience you're having (minus the theif-ing issues)!! Glad to see you are doing well! Miss you girl!

Aunt Nat Nat said...

Steph, why should we even include Lee in organized criminal behavior?? You know he's a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to things like that! Get you some stones and write little messages on them (scriptures, kind words, or threats) and chunk em' when they come. Or throw Gatorade bottles at them.....what? are we back in Houston together??? There's no need to involve Lee...even though he is a mighty fine baseball player and can aim well...either way, GET EM' STEPH!!!

Anonymous said...

We are keeping up with you thru thru the blog. We sure miss you here in Abilene.

Lonnie & Peggy