Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

My dear wife celebrated her 30th on the 6th this month. We had an absolutely wonderful time and marked it with some memorable events, memories that will last a lifetime.

One of those memories was a Costa Rican tradition when one turns 30! Apparently, to properly celebrate such a milestone, it is customary to have a Mariachi band serenade you at 12:01 am the day of your birthday. Needless to say, we believe "when in Rome, act as the Romans." Therefore, my sweet (and beautiful) wife had the pleasure of springing out of bed like a rocket ship at, you guessed it, 12:01 am the day of her b-day....all this to the sweet tunes of one of San Jose's many Mariachi bands. Working in cahoots with a very good Tica friend, I made certain Stephanie knew nothing about this surprise (and that our neighbors did) in order to make the event memorable. Memorable it was! Take a look...See links to the right (Three links for videos under "Keep in Touch". Sorry they are dark and difficult to see....REMEMBER?...12:01 am)

Some pics to wet your appetite.


emily anna said...

That is SO sweet! Lee you are so thoughtful! Steph, you will never forget the big 3-0! I hope you enjoyed every minute of it! Love you guys! Happy Birthday Steph!

Olivia said...

I seriously cried because of how sweet that is. Go Lee!

Nana said...

I must tell you that those videos do not give you a true picture of how FABULOUS those Mariachi's were!!!! It was amazing! Sorry San Antonio, but I've never heard anything here that compares to that midnight serenade! Lee and Alejandra pulled that one off in STYLE!! Great job SIL!!
Love you and miss you already