Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Sofia (March 15th)

Happy 4th Birthday Sofia!

You are ALL girl! You love to dress up, play with dolls, help mommy cook, change your babies (and sometimes attempt changing Maddox, yikes) and watch any movies involving Princesses and of course Annie.

It was absolutely priceless to see your face when you opened your Annie dress, you were SO excited. We have a lot of fun together and are able to have lots more conversations (and fights) now. You are so articulate and you love to be around people. Your beautiful blue eyes and dimples soften daddys heart in a second.

Thank you for being such a helper and for loving mommy even when I don't do such a good job. Thank you for teaching me so much like last night when you just told me out of the blue that "singing and praying is worshiping God." I love the way you pray and the simplicity of your words:

"Dear God, bless you Jesus, I love you God, I wish I could go to Heaven, Amen."

I love you sweet girl and I pray God continues to mold you.


The "opening present game" it lasted a couple rounds...

They made this from the "extra" cake they had (can you see the kids hand in comparison?)

I'm not exaggerating when I say this cake was almos the size of Sofia

All the kids getting ready to dust the house! yahoo!

Little Orphan Sofia-how precious

Our family and friends were coming in from out of town for the birthday bash so we tried to make it easy on everyone and had a birthday marathon. Last Friday night we had a big "Little Orphan Annie" party for Sofia and Saturday morning we had a "baseball" party for Maddox.
Thank you to Nana, Soso, Aunt Becca, Cousins Gabe and Ethan, Aunt Nat Nat, Mimi, PawPaw and out of town friends Courtney, Allison & baby Ella. You all were amazing to come all the way for the parties and helping with EVERYTHING! Jody, Emily and Holly thanks for ALL your help with the parties, you girls are machines! Thank you to Courtney who gave us the wonderful gifts of cakes that we wouldn't dream about getting our kids in a lifetime (no offense kids.) Just look at the pictures and you'll see for yourself.

For Sofia's Party the theme was Annie but more specifically "let's go to the movies!" We borrowed a real popcorn machine from or our friends and my sister in law made little aprons for the kids. They all strapped them on and we gave them dusters and they cleaned all over the house to the song "It's A Hard Knock Life!" It was hilarious! They played smiley Bingo (your never fully dressed without a smile) and Joe Joe did a great job calling out those numbers! They watched the Annie movie projected on the wall while eating hot dogs and nachos (a healthy version of course of turkey dogs with whole wheat buns and whole grain chips.) The party was fun and Sofia had a blast.

Maddox's was much simpler. We put a baseball pinata outside that they got to hit on, had the kids hit some baseballs and played silly string tag (ok, so that one got a little ugly.) All in all boys are MUCH simpler. His 3-D baseball cake was a hit though.

P.S. Ironically I also had a Annie party when I was 4! Nothing much has changed I guess in 15 years, ok maybe 26 years. We had the pictures to compare, sorry I don't have a scanner!


Anonymous said...

March is such a blessed month for the Fletchers! Love the pics of your beautiful Sophia and Maddox. Praying that your beautiful babies continue to grow and thrive!!!!

God bless,
Kathy Carson

Lauren said...


Sofia's Annie cake is absolutely ADORABLE!! Did you do that?? She sounds like a doll. I know this, Rob Cunningham thinks she is the most precious creature :) Did he tell you about Sofia scratching Jaxon's face? I laughed SO hard! Sorry. She told the boy to leave her alone. So glad Sofia is in this world and that she is a Fletcher. Love you guys. Bless you. BTW, if you have not heard the scratching story, ask my daddy, he will be glad to relay it to you and Lee :)