Thursday, April 02, 2009


I seriously cannot believe that it is April already! Ok well in some ways it's gone by slow and in some other ways really fast. March was a whirlwind with lots of family and friends that came to visit, the birthday parties, traveling and blah, blah, blah.

I'm not going to write too much on this post because I realized that whenever I visit other peoples blogs (shameful to say that's not very often) I really only look at pictures and rarely read the actual post. Especially if it's really long. I know that you all probably don't like to read tons of stuff either so I will just stick to the details.

Here is what our April looks like:
Lee will have a birthday the BIG 32! He is getting old.
We will finally be shipping our stuff off to Peru, yeehaw!
We are still working hard on finalizing our support (long story short the housing market in Lima dramatically increased and our whole team is having to go back on the fundraising trail to come up with $700 more a month!)
My friend Hope is coming to spend the weekend with us, can't wait!
Sofia will have another doctor's appointment to check out her heart but so far she has more energy than anyone knows what to do with and she is doing great.

Well that's about all! Oh I do have two book recomendations for you readers (actually I'm not a big reader but I'm trying to become one)
Three Cups of Tea and Same Kind Of Different As Me

Blessings to you all!


Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

Steph! I was so glad to see you the other day. I hope to get together with you again soon! Tell Hope I said hi, by the way! It has been forever since I saw her!! Hope yall have a great time together. I gotta call you soon! :)

Anonymous said...

loved three cups of tea.

hope you are doing well!

Would love for a French famous conductor to come and direct the band again sometime!


Brandy said...

Hi there - I grew up in Brenham and went to school with Lee and "found" your blog through Facebook. I love reading about your family. I have a 4 yr old as well who is absolutely in LOVE with Annie and I can't wait to show her the picture of the cake ya'll had. Amazing! Also, wanted to add, I read Same Kind of Different As Me and it was sooo good. I was also very fortunate in that I got to meet the authors and hear them speak. Great story!

I'm so glad your little Sofia is doing well! And I wish ya'll continued happiness and fortune!

Brandy (Januszewski) Scott