Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 19 And It's For Sure a BOY!

I thought this would be ok to post since he was still technically "in my womb"

10 fingers, he was waving too!

The profile shot

Yesterday the WHOLE Fletcher Fam went to see how baby Fletcher was doing. I was pretty apprehensive about taking the kids because I was already nervous myself but I figured I'm just going to have to buck-up.
We weren't suppose to go to see the Perinatologist (I might be butchering the spelling) until June 9th but because we were leaving for San Antonio this weekend and would be gone for the week I thought I would put my mind at ease.

The baby looked great and it was VERY obvious that it was a boy. All the measurements looked awesome and the kids loved watching everything on the monitor. The Doc gave us some great pictures that I've attached above.

On a side note I knew kids were pretty blunt but I never realized HOW blunt. In the hallway of the doctor's office Sofia said "Is the baby ok or is it going to die?" I just looked at Lee with a look of "you should probably handle this one" and he did a great job explaining to her that we should use more subtle words when asking questions like that. When we got in the car she said "mom, is the baby ok?" and I said "yes" and she said "good, cause I REALLY want it to be ok!"

It was a sweet moment but at the same time I had that nervous feeling come over me. I just stopped and prayed for the peace I continually ask for. Sofia is so excited about this baby but I've been very upfront with her in talking to her about both possibilities.

I will continue to keep updating everyone about Baby Boy F. Please continue to pray for his growth and for mama's nerves. If you have any great boy names besides Liam and Pierson let us know!


Kim, Aaron, Jake, Jack and Baby #3 said...

YAY FOR ANOTHER BOY!!! I am so excited for yall! Can't wait to hear more.

And just for you, Steph...since I love names!


Of course Jake and Jack are good ones, too! ;)

Love ya!

Curtis said...

Ooo! What great pictures! I'm so glad everything is looking good. Praying for peace that is beyond what you can imagine...

Hannah Anderson said...

Okay here are my name suggestions. Take em or leave em:

Callen or Kallin
Ezekiel (you could call him 'Zeke')

Okay...that's all I got. If it was going to be a girl, the obvious choice would be Hannah...but since it's a boy, those are my suggestions! Love you guys and I'm praying for baby boy everyday!