Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Please Pray For Tatum

I would like to ask for your prayers tonight for a precious little girl and her family. We are actually in Corpus Christi for two days with my folks when I got a call this afternoon about some friends of ours at church. I'm putting this on our site because by now the news has gotten out and I can be certain no friends of their family are finding out this info via our blog.

Last night Mandy and Michael found out that their youngest daughter-Tatum-has leukemia. This has all happened so fast. I honestly don't have every single detail but I do know that they need a tremendous amount of prayer. Mandy (her mom) took Tatum to the doctor yesterday after not having felt well for a few days and she ended up being life-flighted to Cooks Children's last night. Today they tested her bone marrow and inserted a port for chemo treatment. They were possibly starting chemo tonight or in the morning.

Mandy, Michael and Olivia (her older sister) are going to need a lot of prayers to be strong and feel the peace our Lord can provide in the coming weeks and months. They are being surrounded by so many friends and family right now, but I hope everyone of you reading this will pray for this sweet family right now. They are certainly strong but, as many of you can attest, these roads can be unimaginably difficult. My prayer is that they don't have to travel it alone. Thank you for petitioning the Father on their behalf.

Sweet Tatum, you are being prayed for all over tonight. You are so loved.

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Hannah Anderson said...

Oh my gosh. I had Tatum when I first started working in the Highland nursery..she was under a year old!

I am definitely praying for this sweet family...please give them my love if you see them, Steph!