Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Starting My 7th Month

First of all thank you to so many of you that are diligently praying for our baby boy. Our last sonogram this past Thursday revealed that he is still growing perfectly and that the placenta has actually moved up to a better position.
I went today to get my glucose test, check my platelets and also watch my epidural video. Where as with my other pregnancies this was a drag to go and do, I felt some excitement that I was "getting" to go these things.
We still are having a hard time with the name so any suggestions would be great! So far we like
Myles (lee doesn't like this one but I love it)
Jax (as a middle name)
And I think that's all for now, at least that's all I can remember

On a side note: Is anyone else watching Michael Jackson's funeral right now? Don't get me wrong I know ALL the words to "Man in The Mirror" and so many other songs but OH MY GOODNESS this funeral is crazy. I feel like I should wear my sparkly glove just to watch this on tv. He was an amazing singer, dancer and performer but I'm pretty sure our President's wouldn't get a going away party like this.
I pray that his kids will not have to go through a huge legal battle. Loved the guy but not having a will, seriously???
Ok, so I better stop before a raving fan goes off on my blog.


jennieland said...

Love Pierson or Pierce! You could name him Pierson and call him Peirce for short, too. Pierson Jax sounds cool. Glad to get to hang out with Lee today! Let us babysit Sofia and Maddox sometime!!

Leah said...

Praises for each milestone and even that disgusting junk to drink for the glucose test!
I taught an adorable Cade and that name just warms my heart when I think of it. I have taught a Miles and he was super smart! I like Jax-he is the hunky guy on General Hospital-ha! (If they haven't gotten rid of him-It has been years since I caught an episode!)

Curtis said...

Hey, thanks for the update. So glad to hear that things are looking good and you are feeling excited! As for the names, I don't think you can go wrong...you know I'm big into what names mean. For that reason--love Jax (God has been gracious--since he really has with this little life) and Liam (guardian) because it makes me think he has a special angel watching over him...
Miss you guys!

Allison said...

I LOVE Myles!! (sorry Lee!) I really do love all the names you have picked, I can't wait to meet him!!! WOO-HOO!!! I miss you guys like crazy! Its been way too long! Does Sofia remember her Ali-Bob and baby Ella?!

molly said...

Hey Stephanie! I just found your blog through a friend's. It's great to sort of keep up with you. So glad the pregnancy is going so well and I LOVE the names Myles (our son is Miles and Jax is so cool too). Look forward to blog stalking you. :)

Molly Hunt

Anonymous said...

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