Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Keep Voting-Here is The Tally So Far

Mateo Jax-1

Myles Jax-1

Kolin Pierce-1

Liam Pierson-4

Myles Pierce/Pierson-9

Liam Pierce-10

Ok so I guess Liam Pierce and Myles Pierce are the winners so far. These were the two that I think we liked the best anyway so WE STILL NEED YOU TO VOTE!!!

If this child gets stuck with one of these names and you didn't vote then it's all your fault!!! HAHA Just kidding.

Thanks for voting, this is SO fun. We've never had so many comments before and it's also fun to see some of you that read our blog, that we had no idea about.


Alison said...

ok, so i like kolin, but (and i'm not sure wes made a comment on your blog about it, but he told me...haha) he said it thought it should have 2 L's in it. i agree. i like the K, though. but...of the ones with the most votes, i am for sure for myles. ;-) have fun tallying the votes!

Anonymous said...

Kolin Pierce. is my choice, because it's the easiest to say for my French tongue!...

Garrett said...

Reading it, people may say "pee err seh" but Mark and Denise Dean's (former missionaries in Santiago) son is named Pierce and Chileans had no problem saying his name.

I still vote from Liam Pierce.

megan said...

I'm gonna have to go with Mateo Jax

Anonymous said...

I really like Mateo, especially its nickname, Teo. Did I miss seeing it from your originally posted list of names? Mateo-Alejandro ('gift of God/defender of mankind') has a nice rhythm with Fletcher. Jax is fun and is a Spanish name, but its meaning en Español (masculine form of the Greek name Hyacinth 'alas’.) is completely different from its meaning in English (‘God has been gracious; has shown favour.' Based on John or Jacques.). Are you giving it the Spanish pronunciation: ‘Ax’?

Wow, this baby-naming activity can sure be addicting, I am WAY over-analysing!! Undoubtedly you both have spent HOURS researching names and already know and have considered this info. I AM SOOO CONFUSED!!

Mateo Pee-air-seh will be fun when the kid is 13! ;) And when he is 80-years old, all his little nieces and nephews will think ‘Uncle Jax/Ax’ rocks their world!! Baby Boy Fletch will be precious whatever name your heart of hearts eventually settles on. Can’t wait ‘til he’s here, remind us of his due date?


Holly said...

oh, i figured out how to post! I like Kolin too now that I know it's not pronounced colon:) I agree with Allison, it would be less confusing with 2 l's. Love the K too! But, we'll love whatever name you guys chose!

Jeanette said...

my vote is for Myles Pierson Fletcher it sounds great together! Liam is a great name to. Good luck!!

Summer said...

Okay, so you already know we both like the name Pierson and Liam, but I like Myles too. That's a cute one and I can imagine calling Myles and Maddox together. So that's my vote-- Myles Pierce or Liam! We'll love him no matter what his name is!

sarah e. said...

is it too late to vote?
I LOVE the name Liam!
Of course, whatever his name is will suit him perfectly

Nana said...

FYI my spanish speaking friends tell me that he will be called MEELESS in Peru if you choose Myles. Nana is in favor of Liam, for whatever that is worth! LOVE YOU MUCHO GRANDE!

Anonymous said...

I'm throwing one out there

Aidan Pierce Fletcher

rolls right off the tongue!!! he he

love you

Stacy said...

My vote is Liam. I agree with everyone about the way it's pronounced.

JHW said...

I am a tad late in voting but oh well! i am going with Myles Jax or Myles Pierce..... :o)