Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pictures From Levi's Balloon Launch

Friday was a really neat time for our family and the kids truly enjoyed sending balloons off to Levi. We tried to make it light and a joyful time for the kids.
Thank you to so many of you who wrote and took the time to remember our sweet boy.

I wanted to especially thank our teammates in Lima who sent some beautiful flowers. Lee and I feel so blessed and honored to be serving on a team of such Godly and servant-hearted people. We truly know the loss was not just ours but the team as a whole, you truly have walked this journey with us.
Also to our families, it means so much to us that you count Levi among your grandkids. Thank you also for holding us up during this passed year (and our whole lives, haha.) We love you and we LOVED the fruit bouquet!!!

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Summer said...

What a sweet tribute and way to remember Levi. I wish I would have realized that what a hard day Friday must have been for you. I can only imagine. I even saw you on Friday. I'm so sorry I didn't say anything or give you an extra long hug that day. Know that you are loved deeply, as are your children. . . all of them. Chad really enjoyed hanging out with Lee yesterday, and appreciated hearing Lee share about Levi. We admire your faithfulness, and we love you guys! We can't wait to meet Liam or Mateo or Myles. . . Praying for baby Fletcher's safe arrival!