Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Update on Sofia

Just wanted to give everyone an update about Sofia. We went to Lubbock this past Friday and Sofia got great news. The doctor told her that she had a "perfect heart." What a relief!
On our way to Lubbock we told Sofia we were going for her check up and she said " I have ANOTHER hole in my heart???" It was funny and she wasn't even saying it in a scared or bad tone, I think she actually enjoyed her hospital stay!
We will have to get echocardiograms in Peru every 4 months but hopefully that will be the hardest part. Anyway, thank you for all your prayers for Sofia.


Kim W. said...

YAY! Such GOOD news!!! Love ya and miss ya!

daddyO and honey said...

wonderful news. so glad to have that checked off the list on your way to your new adventure. that little one will be here soon. can't wait!