Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sofia's First Day of School

Sofia in front of the "Stepping Stones" Sign (I couldn't get her out of the sun, oops)

Ok, could she be any cuter with her lunch box

Meet the Teacher Day, She loves her teacher Sherry and teacher Amy

Sofia was so excited about her first day of school! Monday was her first day and when I picked her up she didn't even speak to me because she wanted to stay. Needless to say we felt good about our decision to put her in 4 days a week. She goes two days here and then will start in a couple weeks in a mother's day out program at our church.
It will be a blessing for us to have extra time packing and getting ready for our move and also for Sofia to get in as much learning as she can before being thrown into a school in Peru.

She is such a big girl and I love her heart. The night before her first day, we were talking in her bed and I was going through scenarios and asking her what she should do. Things like- "If your teacher asks you to do something, you say...?" and she responded "yes mam" ok good we got that one down. One of the last questions was "if you see someone that doesn't have anyone to play with what do you do?" her response was "ask for the toy and then when I'm done I give it back and that's how we share" I proceeded with "well Sofia that's a great way to share but what if they didn't have anyone to play with or didn't have a friend?" In the most innocent face she just said "OHHHH, I would just be there friend." She made it sound so simple but that was the answer I was looking for.
I pray she always has a heart for people in need, no matter what the circumstance may be. I see a lot of that in Sofia and I pray God uses her in Peru to bring people into our home and into the Kingdom.

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