Thursday, November 26, 2009


To begin, I should say....

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, everyone! I imagine most all of you are with family and/or friends in some sort or fashion eating turkey, ham, tamales (some of you at least...such as my family), stuffing, yams (I always pass on these), pecan pie (I rarely pass on this), pumpkin pie, etc. I do hope you are doing well and truly enjoying the many people and things we have and should be thankful for. Steph will clue you in soon as to what our Thanksgiving Day has been like thus far here in Peru; but, I thought I'd begin with a curious little event that happened just minutes ago.

Sofia, and Maddox as well, has had some trouble obeying Stephanie and I lately. While she's tackling our transition, for the most part, very well, she is struggling to consistently obey us. Well, just minutes ago, I was sitting at my desk when she popped in the room trying anything to avoid what she should have been doing in hers...napping. This was our conversation:

"Dad, how about on holidays, just holidays, I obey you?" "But only on holidays." Sofia said.
"No, you'll obey everyday, Sofia." I replied.
"Yeah, we always have to obey." She continued. Stalling for more time out of her room, she said,
"Dad, how about when I am napping in my room, you come up here and, well, see, I think that..."
Thoroughly amused yet on to her scheme, I interrupted, "Sofia, go to bed." To which she replied with the biggest head twirl and roll of her eyes, "Yes, sir."

She's been in her room now for about 5 minutes. Maybe we can make 10 before the next visitation.

I am so thankful to be a dad....

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Nana said...

I'm with Sofia!! Obey on Holidays ONLY! Love you! Nana