Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poco a Poco

I think I have heard this sentence about 80 times this past week. Everyone has told me "don't worry, little by little (poco a poco.") That's exactly how it's been, little by little. I knew our settling in process was going to take a while but I didn't anticipate HOW slow every little thing was going to be.

Our teammate Wes said it best "everyday you set two goals. At the end of the day, if you have reached ONE of those goals, be really happy."

One of those goals of being a "blogging queen" while we were gone has obviously not made the "completed" list this past week. I'm really sorry I never got to tell you my awesome buying silverware story but today is the day. Now that's it's been a week it just doesn't seem quite so funny so I'm also going to tell you about buying our chairs to make up for it. I will try and give you the really short version of both.

Silverware Nightmare
One of the very first things I needed to buy was silverware. Looking back I was getting a little obsessed about wanting to accomplish this task but I was SOOO sick of mixing my tea with a pen. So we went to the mall with all of our kids and had Liam in his carseat. Lee took Liam and Maddox in one store and Hope & I took Sofia into the big department store.
It was CRAZY! We didn't realize that we went on a major sale day and half of Lima was in that store. I found some silverware (needless to say I wasn't being picky) that was half off that day and got in line.
I finally realized there wasn't anyone working the register so I tried others. After going to three other registers where no one would help me, I ended up back in the same line only two more people were ahead of me now. By this time it had been already about 20 minutes. I then waited in line for 30 more minutes and when I FINALLY got to the front of the line, the lady looked at me and just said "cash only, the credit card machine just broke." Ok, so I was angry now. Not only are there 50 people working and the ONLY ones that can check you out had to be wearing a tie, but there were literally only two people in front of me when I had to wait 30 minutes so another line was just not going to happen.
The lady said she would escort me to another line and let me check out but when we got there the other lady said I couldn't and they argued for a minute. I finally just told the lady I didn't want them and walked away. At this point Lee found me in the store and I think his arm was numb from carrying Liam in his car seat and Maddox had touched every item in the store and was tired so ALL of us were fed up. Did I give up? OH NO.
Lee graciously said he would wait in line (ok maybe not so graciously) so I went to get my silverware back but they were gone. I went back to the spot they had them and they didn't have ANY left, what??? Finally the lady I had given them back found another set and Lee was off to wait in line. Oh did I mention that it was 10PM at this point???
Lee finally met us at the entrance and said that when he got to check out they told him he wouldn't get them for half off because he was in the wrong line! Don't worry he got them anyway and we found a taxi and got home around 11pm. That was all for ONE set of silverware.

Buying the Chairs
Here when you buy furniture (at some places) they have little delivery trucks that deliver your furniture for pretty cheap, waiting outside the store. Well Lee went to go find a truck to deliver our two chairs we had purchased and when I got over there with Hope and the kids he looked at me and said "get in." I don't know if you can picture this truck but it looks like a REALLY small pick up with wood bars that were rigged around the sides. This was again late at night and pretty chilly. NO WAY was I going in the back of that thing with my six week old in an open air, nasty truck. I'm adventurous and if we didn't have the kids that would be fine but I just said I would get a taxi back. Well I guess the man saw the look I gave Lee and told his wife to get in the back so Hope and I could sit in the front (so I now I'm feeling guilty.)
Well that's what happened. Lee and Maddox got in the back with the lady and Hope, Sofia, Liam and I got in the cab of the truck with the man. So here is the best part of the story- this cab was made for MAYBE two SMALL people. The man was a very large man I sat in the middle holding Liam with the stick shifter (I know that's not the proper term for that but work with me here) too close for comfort and Hope was holding Sofia. Hope and I looked at each other like "what in the world is going on?"
Liam started screaming cause he was hungry so I had no other choice but stick my sons head right into this guys armpit and feed him while every time he shifted Liam or I got elbowed. We were so squished and the man looked uncomfortable too but it was absolutely hilarious. It got even funnier when he was wanting me to give him directions and I realized the only person who knew how to get home and how to speak good Spanish was in the back of the truck somewhere. I somehow figured out how to get home, the man THANKFULLY decided to just hold his seat belt instead of attempting to put it on under me and Liam peacefully went to sleep in the man's cozy armpit. All was well and we have two beautiful chairs!

Well so much more has happened since these stories and I have lots of pictures to share so I PROMISE this week I will get busy and share more.

Poco a Poco

P.S. Today we had church at a pretty park and the Fletcher fam got pretty sun-burned. So funny to think of getting sun-burned in November.


wes said...

Ok, so... you didn't tell me about the craziness after I left you to buy the silverware... brutal.

And "shifter" is perfectly acceptable.

And if the Fletchers got burned, what do you think the Yoakums look like? Not. Good.

Kyle Smith said...

Classic stuff here. I wish I could tell you that things will settle down but I'm afraid stuff like this is still happening to us after a year of being here. We've figured out how to just go with the flow and be ok through it but some days it just seems like nothing works the way logic would demand that it work.

Times like that we just say "This is Peru." That about sums it up.

Larissa Smith said...

And we get sunburned year-round. Almost nothing is unexpected anymore. Though some things are still aggravating.

Poco a poco is actually one of those things I have come to love about Peru; if no one else is in a hurry, I shouldn't be either. It's a gracious way to approach all learning curves, and you're on a big one. Though I understand the desire to be DONE!!! Hang in there. Enjoy your silverware. : )

Alison said...

i came here to say, WE GOT BURNED, TOO! and, then i realized everyone who has commented on this post is someone here in peru. should this tell you something? haha. uh...yes, just as Kyle said...This is Peru. oh how i laughed from word one of your post till the last words in all of the comments. thanks for sharing these stories.

Summer said...

I'll be the first person not living in Peru to comment. Both of your stories were hilarious. I cannot even imagine waiting in line that long at 10 pm to get silverware. WHAT??? It makes me appreciate Target even more.

And nursing Liam in a tiny truck wedged up against a complete stranger while giving directions in Spanish. . . amazing!

I love that you and Lee have such a sense of humor and adventure! We love you guys and miss you all the time. Pierson has asked to play with Maddox several times. It's hard to explain to a 2 year old where Peru is. Let's skype again soon! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bless, Steph. I wish you could see the tears in my eyes from laughing reading your stories (never mind the fact I am reading them alone in the kitchen!) I think the Batchelors are going to take on that motto: Poco a poco. sounds good. Just stting here drinking my keurig hot tea. Thinking about you this week during Thanksgiving. Love you- batch

Nana said...

Steph...YOU ARE HILARIOUS! Dad and I laughed our heads off!! I can't wait to experience some of Peru with you...but when I do come the next time, I AM HOLDING ON TO MY PURSE!! :-) I miss you...Skype is good but not like being there in person! Sofia said it well yesterday "I wish I could jump through the computer!" LOVE YOU!

Vanessa said...

LOVE the stories! Glad you can laugh about it now!!

Jonathan and I are both cracking up.

We love you guys and cant wait to see you!!

Allison said...

SO funny!! I love these stories! I can't wait to see pics! Put TONS up! Love and miss you!

Leah said...

Sounds like you already have had your "black friday" shopping. Happy Thanksgiving!

Holly said...

I wouldn't have expected anything different:) Love it!!!! I can't even tell you how much I miss you guys! We leave in the morning for no man's land so call me if you get the chance. If not, we'll talk on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Fletchers! We miss and love you guys. Thinking of you today...