Saturday, December 05, 2009

And The Verdict Is.....


I wasn't too surprised but I was kind of hoping it wasn't. The hospital visit went great! The doctor was nice and although Lee had to leave with Liam because he had to pick someone up at a bus terminal, I made it out of there just fine. The doctor came in with the x-rays right after Lee left and pretty much I only understood, "broken", "Monday", "come here", "orthopedic doctor", "anti-inflammatory medicine" and "in place." So I put together that my toe was indeed broken (it helped that it was obvious in the x-ray he showed me", that he was going to bandage me up today and that I would have to come see an orthopedic doctor back there on Monday to have it set.

The doc brought me my medicine then a nurse got me into a wheelchair, took me to go pay and got me a taxi. It was short and sweet and MAN do I love not having to wait for hours in an emergency room.

On the way to the hospital I took some footage of our ride and as soon as Lee gets back I'll have him upload it. As always thank you for reading our adventures here in Peru.

Keepin it real,



Jenny Wilkinson said...

That picture of your toe has been haunting me all day. Glad you are getting it fixed!

Ann Reese said...

So sorry to hear about your toe! I mean, what on earth? I thought it was interesting that a couple weeks ago I totally tripped and twisted my foot so bad I thought it was broken...but it wasn't. It just hurt for days! What's up with us? Guess cool girls get hurt in foreign countries...that's just how we roll....or maybe we just don't pay attention to where we're walking....I don't know. :)
Love and miss you guys! Hope you are healing well and that you guys are continuing to settle in.
Need me some funny stories when you get a chance....