Saturday, December 05, 2009

Update on Schooling "stuff"

Wednesday morning after Lee and I dropped the kids off at school and watched as Sofia screamed, cried, got slightly violent with the teacher and even ended up hitting her head on the door, we decided we were done with school for a while. Maddox started crying because he pretty much follows Sofia's lead and Lee and I walked away from the house feeling slightly discouraged.

Our teammate Alison called shortly after to tell me they were fine and playing great but we knew what was best for our family was just to have the kids at home and adjust to a few things before trying again when school officially starts here in March.
So, yesterday was their last day and it worked out great because they went to a petting zoo. Lee went with them and they had a blast so we just said this was the last day and believe me Sofia did not ask any questions.
This little school was just 7 kids (including my two) and rotated homes (two of them being our teammates) and even included 2 of our teammates kids. Because the teacher was Peruvian, we thought this was an easy way to start integrating Spanish in a relaxed and small setting, HA!

You live and you learn but the great news is that we have visited 3 schools the last couple of days that we really like and the last two schools Sofia got to go with us and she loved them! She has continued to say that she wants to go to a "big" school and not a little school so I think she just did not like being with a lot of younger kids and was ready for something challenging. One day when we took her to school, she was trying her best to talk us out of taking her and she pointed to this one school and said "I want to go to that big school." I told her "well, honey they only talk in Spanish" She just looked at me matter-of-factly "I CAN LEARN MOM." I have to give her props for trying though.

We visited two British-based schools that were truly bilingual but obviously cost would be a factor and then a smaller pre-school that Sofia could attend next year until there was an opening for Kindergarten. We only have a couple more schools to visit so PLEASE keep praying that God guides us to the right school, that if needed God provides the funds needed for them to attend and thirdly that God will bless this time that the kids are out of school to adjust to the culture, the language and our bond as a family.
Here are a couple of pics from her "last" day of school at the farm.

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